2018 ACMDTT Awards – Tokens of Appreciation

ACMDTT President Kelly Sampson, MRT(T) acknowledges Wendy Read, MRT(T), Jennifer Petrohay, MRT(NM), Sabrina Forth, MRT(NM), and Kathy Dudycz, MRT(R) for their dedicated commitment to the College.

Each year, the ACMDTT thanks members who decided to get involved with the College but are completing their terms of office with the College and are presented Tokens of Appreciation.

Please know that your time; your work; and your participation helped make this organization alive, energetic and in perpetual growth.

This year, we have three Chairs stepping away from their positions, but not from the College.

Left to right: ACMDTT President Kelly Sampson, MRT(T); Wendy Read, MRT(T); Sabrina Forth, MRT(NM); Kathy Dudycz, MRT(R); Jennifer Petrohay, MRT(NM)

Wendy Read, MRT(T) has sat on our Council, in varying capacities, including President, for the last 8 years.  Her tireless, selfless efforts are a credit to the College and the profession.

Jennifer Petrohay, MRT(NM)’s term as Competence Committee Chair ended last year; however, she continues to sit on the committee.

Kathy Dudycz, MRT(R) has served as Edmonton Branch Chair for 6 years.  Through her tenure, Kathy and her executive provided continuing education and networking opportunities for a great number of you here today.

Sabrina Forth, MRT(NM) for the last six years, has faithfully worked on the awards committee and then became Chair.  Without your work Sabrina, we wouldn’t be enjoying this event today.

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