2018 ACMDTT Student Awards

The 2018 ACMDTT Awards Luncheon was held on April 28, 2018 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in conjunction with the CONNECT 2018 conference in Edmonton.

The ceremony was co-hosted by Sabrina Forth, MRT(NM) and Kathy Dudycz, MRT (R)

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ACMDTT Awards co-hosts Sabrina Forth, MRT(NM) at the podium with co-host Kathy Dudycz, MRT(R) on right. Council President Kelly Sampson, MRT(T) is on the left.

Student Scholastic Awards

The Scholastic Awards honour the students who achieved the highest mark on each specialty’s CAMRT certification exam during the preceding year.

Dr. Marshall Mallett Scholastic  Award – Radiological Technology – sponsored by the Alberta Society of Radiologists.

Chelsea Mooney, RTR is a graduate of SAIT’s medical radiologic technology program.

Scholastic  Award – Nuclear Medicine – sponsored by the Alberta Society of Radiologists.

Heather Callen-Wicks, RTNM is the 2018 Award Winner.

Heather Callen-Wicks, RTNM receives 2018 Scholastic Award in Nuclear Medicine Technology from ACMDTT President Kelly Sampson, MRT(T)

Scholastic  Award – Magnetic Resonance Technology – sponsored by the Alberta Society of Radiologists.

Neale Wiley, RTMR is the 2018 Award Winner.

Scholastic  Award – Radiation Therapy – sponsored by the University of Alberta Radiation Therapy Degree Program.

Susan Fawcett, Director of U of A’s Radiation Therapy Degree program, announces that Chad Freeman, RTT is the recipient of the 2018 Scholastic Award in Radiation Therapy

Chad Freeman, RTT is the 2018 Award Winner.

Student Leadership Awards

The Student Leadership Awards honour senior students in each specialty who demonstrate leadership, academic achievement, professionalism and involvement with the College.

Student Leadership  Award – Radiological Technology sponsored by Philips.

Kaelin Boras is the 2018 Award Winner.

Kaelin Boras receives 2018 Student Leadership Award for Outstanding Achievement in Radiological Technology. She receives the award from ACMDTT President Kelly Sampson, MRT(T),

Kaelin has shown professionalism through both her didactic studies and clinical practica. Kaelin not only works diligently, both independently and with other members of the healthcare team, she accepts and handles feedback well which, as we all know, is not easy to do. She demonstrates good judgement and decision-making skills while being congenial and helpful when dealing with patients, co-workers and fellow students.

Student Leadership  Award – Nuclear Medicine Technology sponsored by Mayfair Diagnostics.

Osadebamwen (Osas) Igbinosun is the 2018 Award Winner.

Sandra Kimura-Garvin of Mayfair Diagnostics speaks about Osas Igbinosun’s leadership skills.
Osas Igbinosun receives the Student Leadership Award in Nuclear Medicine Technology from Mayfair Diagnostic’s Sandra Kimura-Garvin, along with ACMDTT President Kelly Sampson, MRT(T)

The recipient of this year’s award has demonstrated strong leadership skills in a number of areas. In the classroom, He has been a dedicated student who has been engaged in all learning activities with his attitude towards learning adding to a positive learning environment for all. He has a strong work ethic which, when combined with his previous academic experience, resulted in a high academic performance and standing. He could also be found frequently assisting his classmates who struggled with comprehending course outcomes. He was always been willing to cheerfully assist anyone who needed help with their studies.

Osas was also an active member of the SAIT Diagnostic Imaging Student Society (DISS). The society’s efforts are important to start the conversations and practice of interprofessional collaboration. In practicum, Osas was required to travel to the Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge. There he continued to demonstrate a strong academic ability and application of his knowledge in the clinical setting and as the lone practicum student in this site, he has consistently received positive feedback from his preceptors and was seen as an asset to the nuclear medicine department.

From one of his instructors, it is seen that his maturity, independence and positivity allows for him to effectively lead and be considered a role model in many different areas.

Student Leadership  Award – Magnetic Resonance Technology sponsored by Bayer.

Chelsea Peters is the 2018 Award Winner.

Through volunteerism, Chelsea represented the program and the profession well at both the NAIT school open house and program preview. On both occasions, she enthusiastically spoke about the profession and the program to potential applicants, answering questions, demonstrating in labs and relaying her experiences. In spite of her busy schedule, she has excelled in all aspects of her training and was notably asked to represent her class at the Advisory Committee meeting in the fall of 2017.

In the Clinical setting, her performance evaluations have been consistently positive and she is well liked and trusted amongst her colleagues and peers. This is highly due to her level of maturity, her healthy attitude and her dependability but I also hear that her Q-cards are legendary!  Her instructors have confidence that she will continue to excel in the clinical setting, meeting the challenges presented with confidence and a genuine interest to learn and develop as a technologist and as a productive member of the healthcare team.

Student Leadership  Award – Radiation Therapy sponsored by the Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences and Medical Imaging Education.

Brooklyn Mazure is the 2018 Award Winner.

Greg Toffner, President & CEO of OAMRS & Medical Imaging Education speaks about Brooklyn Mazure’s leadership skills.
Brooklyn Mazure receives the Student Leadership Award in Radiation Therapy from OAMRS & Medical Imaging Education’s Greg Toffner along with ACMDTT President Kelly Sampson, MRT(T)

Through her academic endeavours, Brooklyn has shown her passion and dedication for her chosen profession.  Throughout her academic tenure, she has sat as an esteemed member of various committees including the program’s academic committee and the Faculty Academic Standing and Promotion Committee in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. She has also been the VP for Fundraising in the Radiation Therapy Students Association. On top of this, she has also volunteered at Ronald MacDonald House, is a team leader at the Campus Food Bank and took the initiative to start an after-school games program at a local elementary school.

On top of her incredibly strong altruistic activities, our recipient has excelled in the clinical environment during her studies. In the words of a senior radiation therapist at the Cross Cancer Institute, “In my experience of over 25 years of work, it is unusual to find a student who presents a more natural and comfortable leadership role within a well-established group of seasoned therapists. This situation alone can prove to be intimidating to most but she rose to the challenge and exceeded our expectations.” He goes on to say that “She continually displayed confidence which made her comfortable to work with and more importantly, made the patients under her care feel confident in her.”

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