2018 Herbert M. Welch Memorial Award

About the Herbert M. Welch Memorial Award

Abbi Langedahl, MRT(R) receives the 2018 ACMDTT Herbert M. Welch Memorial Award from ACMDTT President Kelly Sampson, MRT(T)

The Herbert M. Welch Memorial Award is presented to a member who has a proven record of dedicated service and has made a significant contribution to the outstanding growth of the profession.

This award was established in 1964 to honour Mr. Herbert M Welch, one of the pioneers of our profession.

Mr. Welch was born in England in 1888 and immigrated to Canada in 1908.  As a decorated Canadian soldier during World War I, he started his career as a radiographer after being trained as an electrician and installing x-ray units for the army. Upon his return to Canada, Mr. Welch underwent formal radiography training and was appointed the Chief Radiographer at the Colonel Belcher Hospital in Calgary where he held this position until his death in 1951.

He was a founding member of the Alberta Society and in 1949, became the first President of the Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians, now known as CAMRT.

About the 2018 Herbert M. Welch Memorial Award recipient – Abbi Langedahl, MRT(R)

This year’s recipient of the Herbert M Welch Memorial Award has also displayed this service and unwavering dedication and commitment to the profession and is the embodiment of professional excellence.

Having actively participated in the growth of her profession, local, provincially and nationally, our recipient serves as a mentor for others.

In her employment role, she has held roles as a technologist, team lead and manager.   She has promoted excellence and accountability in imaging, patient care and professional conduct.

She has influenced and supported the individual growth and development of countless students, peers and colleagues and has been instrumental in developing the MRTs at MIC Medical Imaging.

On top of this she is the clinical liaison for the MRT program at NAIT; radiography modality coordinator for MIC; has served as the research coordinator and manages a busy, multi-modality clinic expertly.

Our recipient holds a tremendous amount of pride in being an MRT and a member of the ACMDTT. In her service to the profession, she has served as the Chair and Past-Chair of the Edmonton Branch; is a long-standing member of the Registration Committee and also works as an investigator through the professional conduct process at the College. Through this, she has embodied self-regulation.

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