Become a Hearings Tribunal Member.

Get involved in regulation and compliance of your peer group. Become a Hearings Tribunal Member.

 The ACMDTT is looking for individuals that would like to be more involved with the College and the overall regulation and compliance of their peer group.

By becoming a Hearings Tribunal Member for the College, we offer you training in workshops such as:

  • Introduction to Administrative Justice
  • Evidence
  • Decision Making
  • Decision Writing Essentials
  • Effective Hearings
  • Interpreting Legislation
  • Assessing Credibility

If you are someone that has an interest in these topics and would like to be a part of the College’s Hearings, please contact us.

We ask that you forward your resume and a brief description as to your interest and potential contributions in consequence to becoming a Hearings Tribunal Member.

What is involved in becoming a Tribunal Member?

The College does not have many hearings, so the commitment could be minimal. You would become part of a growing Hearings Tribunal Membership.

The requirements would generally involve a day’s participation in a hearing with time for making your decision and debriefing the decision. Your travel, lunch and expenses would be provided.

You would have access to a lawyer which whom you could confer and take advice and guidance as you deliberate on the issues before you, if needed.

What are we looking for?   We need individuals who:

  • understand the mission and mandate of the College
  • examine facts without information bias
  • abide by strong ethical values
  • adhere to confidentiality
  • portray a high degree of professionalism
  • show fairness and empathy
  • take the public’s concerns seriously
  • look at the whole picture and all the impacts of the decision
  • have a strong understanding of the six specialties of the College
  • are committed to the concept of Administrative Justice

Please submit your interest to Michelle Wolf, Hearings Director (

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