Continuing Competence Program Audit

It is a requirement of the Health Professions Act that membership participation in a Continuing Competence Program is monitored.  Through random selection, up to 20% of the general membership may be selected for evaluation of their reflective practice review on an annual basis.  Members will be notified in June advising that they have been selected for audit.

Although random selection is generally the process for member selection, the Competence Committee and the Registrar may specifically select regulated members if deemed appropriate.  Such reasons include; but are not limited to:

  • Demonstration of an unsatisfactory reflective practice review through the previous year’s audit
  • Declaration of non-compliance with the program to a member of the Competence Committee or College staff
  • Declaration of non-compliance with the program at renewal

If you are audited, please submit your completed documents which include:

  • Self-Assessment of Practice
  • Personal Learning Plan
  • All Records of CCP Activities (including the Multisource Learning and the Multi-Session Learning Event Records)
  • Summary of Activities

Additional evidence in support of the information you have provided in your reflective practice review may be requested by the Competence Committee; but, not required for submission at this time.

As per the Regulations, remember to retain your CCP Records for five years.