Courtesy Register

This information is for applicants who require registration in Alberta to practice as a medical radiation technologist or an electroneurophysiology technologist for a specific purpose, as approved by the Registrar, for a period not exceeding six months.

An applicant is eligible for registration on the medical radiation technologist courtesy register or the electroneurophysiology technologist courtesy register category of the regulated members register if that person:

  1. is registered in good standing in another jurisdiction on a register appropriate to that person’s area of practice, or
  2. otherwise satisfies the Registrar that the person has the competence to provide the services related to the approved purpose.

With regards to a person registered in a courtesy register category:

  1. the registration is for the purpose and length of time specified by the Registrar, and
  2. the Registrar must identify any title that may be used by the registered person and the restricted activities that person may engage in while so registered.

Please contact the College at 780.487.6130 for further information about applying for courtesy registration.