Deciding Factor

Previous Scenario

Daphne is a magnetic resonance technologist who regained her full practice permit in June 2017 following a medical leave. She has entered her CCP, including her minimum six hours of reflective learning, into the My CCP platform but her progress indicator is showing that her learning activities section is incomplete.

Questions to be asked:

Is Daphne’s CCP incomplete?

Answer:  In order to be in compliance with the CCP for the 2016/17 cycle, Daphne must have entered on the My CCP platform:

  • A complete self-assessment
  • A learning plan with a minimum of two learning objectives (with associated possible learning activities/resources); one of which is met through a learning activity
  • Six hours of reflective learning

Why is the system saying Daphne’s CCP is incomplete?

Answer:  Because Daphne is not being audited for her CCP through the qualitative audit, the system is not set to reflect her actual learning hours requirements. If she were audited this would be reflected on her platform.

Will this impact the CCP Analytics Verification?

Answer:  No. Through the analytics verification, the College can only see if Daphne has entered data, not what that data is. The report will show that she has entered data and she is trusted as a regulated health professional to be honest through her registration renewal as to her CCP compliance.

What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?

Answer:  Here are a few indicators which apply to this situation from a regulatory perspective:

A regulated member will:

  • Indicator 2.1g – adhere to legal obligations required by the College.
  • Indicator 2.2d – self-reflect and develop performance goals to enhance professional effectiveness.
  • Indicator 2.2e– undertake continuing professional development.
  • Indicator 2.2f – participate in the College’s Continuing Competence Program.


New scenario

Justin is a radiological technologist who is authorized by the College to administer medication through enhanced practice. Justin’s practice will not change in the upcoming year. During the renewal period Justin must renew his practice permit.

Questions to be asked:

  • What must Justin do during the renewal period?
  • Does Justin have to recertify in order to renew his medication administration authorization?
  • What will happen if Justin does not renew part or all of is practice permit?
  • What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?

The answers will be published in the next issue of “Internal Matters”

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