Fall 2017 Newsletter

2016/17 CCP Analytics Verification

The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) cycle is from September 1 through to August 31 of the following year.

As per the Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists Profession Regulation (the Regulations), in each CCP cycle, members are required to complete a reflective practice review on the My CCP online platform.

A reflective practice review consists of:

  • Self-assessment
  • Learning plan
  • Reflective learning (completing the appropriate number of hours relative to the length of time within the cycle that the regulated member held a full practice permit)

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their CCP is complete via entry onto the My CCP platform by the end of the cycle (August 31). In this manner, members would be in compliance with the CCP.  As per the section 13 of the Regulations, a member’s ability to renew a full practice permit is contingent on the member’s compliance with the CCP.

As such, the College will be undergoing an analytics validation of member compliance with the CCP prior to the registration renewal window which commences October 1.

Through this validation, the College is able to see if/when the member has logged into the platform, if/when they have logged out and if they have entered data into each of the three components of the CCP. Through this process, the College is not able to see any detail of the member’s CCP and so the member’s CCP remains confidential.

Members with perceived non-compliance will be contacted by the College. The registration renewal of a member who remains in a state of CCP non-compliance will not be processed until such time as the deficiency is remedied.

In addition, CCP non-compliance is grounds for unprofessional conduct on behalf of the member and this may place the member’s practice permit, and their ability to practice their chosen profession, at risk.