Branch News – December 2016

Peace Country Branch

Branch Chair:    Tunde Bodi, MRT(R) (

The Branch would like to put out a call for volunteers for those interested in participating with the Branch Executive. Member participation is essential to ensure that educational and networking opportunities are available to those in the Branch.  These volunteers can be from anywhere in the Peace Country Branch area!

Next meeting:    TBA

Edmonton Branch

Branch Chair:    Kathy Dudycz, MRT(R) (

Our last meeting was the 6th Annual Education Day which was held on October 22, 2016 and was attended by 136 members (not including executive members). The next membership meeting will take place in the spring 2017; details are to be determined.

The executive members met on November 15 to plan for spring meeting as well as to discuss preliminary plans for Education Day 2017 which will take place on October 28, 2017.

On behalf of Edmonton Branch we wish all MRTs a safe, relaxed Christmas and prosperous New 2017 Year!

Next Meeting:    March 21, 2017

Parkland Branch

Branch Chair:    Jeff Christenson, MRT(R) (

Next Meeting:    TBA

Calgary Branch

Branch Chair:    Gina McRae, MRT(R) (

Next Meeting:    March 22, 2017

Southern Alberta Branch

Branch Chair:    Carmen Lowry, MRT(R) (

Next Meeting:  TBA

ENP Branch

Branch Chair:    Angie Sarnelli, ENP (

Next Meeting:    April 4, 2017