Deciding Factor – December 2016

Mark is a relatively new graduate who is working at the clinic with a temporary practice permit. Mark wrote the CAMRT exam in September but found out in October that he was not successful.

Question to be asked:

What does Mark do now?
Mark is required to contact the College to inform the Registration Assistant that he was unsuccessful. She will work with Mark to ensure that he renews his permit appropriately.

What type of practice permit does he need now and for renewal?
As he has not yet been unsuccessful on the exam, Mark must continue to practice on a Temporary Practice Permit (TPP). This means that he must continue to practice under supervision. Mark will renew his TPP through the online registration system.

  • What does he do once he passes the exam (hopefully in January)?
    Once Mark passes the CAMRT exam, he must notify the College and apply for a full practice permit. To apply for the full permit, he must provide to the College:

    • A completed Membership Status Change form
    • Proof of successful exam completion. This may be his certificate or a copy of his online CAMRT transcript

What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?

Here are a few indicators which apply to this situation:

Indicator 2.1a – assume personal responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of the regulated member’s practice

Indicator 2.1c – perform restricted activities only as authorized according to the regulations of the College

Indicator 2.1g – adhere to legal obligations required by the College

Indicator 2.2b – practice within the limits of the regulated member’s competence

Indicator 2.3a – perform only those restricted activities for which he or she has the required competence and current authorization

Indicator 2.4a – adhere to the Code of Ethics of the College

New Scenario

Bill is a magnetic resonance technologist who has the venipuncture additional authorization on his practice permit. In October, Bill went online and completed his registration renewal for 2017. He would like to claim his registration fees and so, in November, he logged into his profile to print his receipt but there is no receipt online.

Questions to be asked:

  • Why is there no receipt?
  • What must Bill do to complete his registration?
  • What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?