Regulation 101 – December 2016

Declaration of CCP Compliance – a legal and binding issue

During registration renewal, all regulated members must self-declare compliance or non-compliance with the CCP for the previous cycle. This self-declaration is a legal and binding clause to which members must attest honestly.  Compliance with the CCP includes:

  • completion of a self-assessment
  • development and implementation of a learning plan
  • completion of a certain number of hours of reflective learning

This must all be done online via the mandatory My CCP platform.

The College must ensure due diligence in assessing member professionalism and honesty through this self-declaration. The College is able to access information as to whether you have accessed and updated all components of the CCP through the online platform in each CCP cycle, or not. The contents of your CCP still remain confidential.  As compliance with the CCP mandates use of the online platform, those members who have not accessed or updated their CCP records online will be contacted by the College in follow up.

It is imperative that members declare in accordance with their activities throughout the cycle. If members have any questions, or must declare CCP non-compliance, please contact the College and we will seek to assist you.