Summer 2018 Newsletter – Internal Matters

President’s Message

Kelly Sampson, MRT(T), ACMDTT President

I would like to start off by welcoming and congratulating Pree Tyagi as our new CEO/Registrar! Pree brings a wealth of knowledge to the College; she is highly respected by our stakeholders and has been a valued employee of the College for the past six years.

CONNECT 2018 Conference – The ACMDTT delivered a successful joint conference together with CAMRT, titled CONNECT 2018. This conference was held in Edmonton April 27-28. We brought together over 460 diagnostic and therapeutic professionals. The educational sessions were informative and engaging. The CAMRT spoke very highly about this collaboration with the ACMDTT and commended the team at the College for their tireless efforts and looks forward to partnering with us again in the future. Some of our keynote speakers included sessions on medical cannabis, the opioid crisis, professionalism and AI: artificial intelligence. I encourage all members to put our 2019 conference on your future radar.

Bylaws update – At our AGM, Bylaw amendments were made. The two key pieces to bring to your attention is the reformatting of the traditional AGM with a membership meeting. The goal of this meeting is to make it less formal and create an environment where members can ask questions and we can have a discussion on issues affecting the College. Secondly, the Bylaws can now be amended by council and does not require a membership vote. This will ensure council can run efficiently and effectively. Bylaws will continue to be posted on the website and we welcome and feedback at any point in time.

Annual Report – Our Annual Report was given a face lift this year. I encourage all members to take a look:  here.  You will find captivating images as well as information on the financial position, membership numbers, volunteer commitments, work of your Council and much more.

Council Members update – I would like to take the opportunity to thank outgoing Council member, Wendy Read, MRT(T) for her commitment to Council. On top of Wendy’s busy career as a brachytherapist at the Cross Cancer Institute, she presented on the ocular melanoma program at the ISRRT conference and chaired the nominating committee. This lady exemplifies what a true professional is. She leads by example and is an asset to the MRT community. I am sad to see her go, but would like to welcome Michael Piva, MRT(T) as incoming Council member.

Sonography update – We are still waiting for the government to pass legislation before we can regulate sonographers. Council had a meeting with Alberta Health and we were told the update may possibly occur in the fall of 2019.

You make a difference! I would like to acknowledge all of our ACMDTT members in all modalities. You all make a difference in the lives of your patients. You can change someone’s day with a smile, a listening ear and a gentle touch. These soft skills and small gestures are what the patients remember. You are experts in your field of technology. Be proud of yourselves as regulated professionals. Hold yourselves and your colleagues to a high standard. We all share a common goal: we want to ensure that the Alberta public is and continues to receive safe, ethical and competent care.

Thank you,
Kelly Sampson, MRT(T)
ACMDTT President

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