Annual Registration Renewal

The Health Professions Act (HPA) requires members to be registered and to hold a valid practice permit with the College in order to legally practice within the designated specialties in Alberta.

This information is specific to annual registration renewals and renewal processes. Online registration renewal for the upcoming year is available from October 1. The deadline to complete the registration renewal process without incurring an additional $150 administration charge is November 30. All renewal processes must be completed with the registration confirmation from the College before December 31 each year, in order to be licensed to practice as of January 1.

The College serves its function and duty under the HPA to ensure that members of the public are assured of receiving safe, competent and ethical care. This is achieved by regulated professionals who continuously strive for professional excellence, who continue to improve their competence, and who enhance the provision of professional services. Attending to CCP requirements is one important vehicle within the attainment of public safety.

  • Practicing the profession with an expired or invalid practice permit is considered unprofessional conduct.

To contact the College with registration questions:

Please call the College at 780.487.6130  or 1.800.282.2165 or by email at and/or