Spring 2018 Internal Matters newsletter

Deciding Factor

Previous Scenario

Justin is a radiological technologist who is authorized by the College to administer medication through enhanced practice. Justin’s practice will not change in the upcoming year. During the renewal period Justin must renew his practice permit.

Questions to be asked:

What must Justin do during the renewal period?

Justin must renew his practice permit online between October 1 and November 30. He must also complete and have his supervisor sign the Application for Additional and Enhanced Practice Authorization and submit to the College prior to November 30 as well.

Does Justin have to recertify in order to renew his medication administration authorization?

Only if the approved program that Justin completed states that people have to recertify. This is usually an employer decision.

What will happen if Justin does not renew part or all of is practice permit?

If Justin completes his renewal online but does not complete the enhanced practice form, he will be able to practice but will not be authorized to prepare and/or administer medication as of January 1. If Justin does not complete either step, he will be suspended from practice as of January 1 until he completes his renewal.

What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?

Here are a few indicators which apply to this situation from a regulatory perspective:

A regulated member will:

  • Indicator 2.1a – assume personal responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of the regulated member’s practice
  • Indicator 2.1c – perform restricted activities only as authorized according to the regulations of the College
  • Indicator 2.3a – perform only those restricted activities for which he or she has the required competence and current authorization

New scenario

Justin has received a job offer to practice radiological technology for a different employer. The new employer requires that Justin have enhanced practice for medication administration. Justin accepts the position.

Questions to be asked:

  • Does Justin have to take a new approved program for medication administration now that he no longer works for the initial employer?
  • What happens if there are different medications involved in his practice?
  • Who is responsible for Justin’s practice with new medications?
  • What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?

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