Summer 2018 Newsletter – Internal Matters

2017/18 Continuing Competence Program Audit

For the annual audit for the Continuing Competence Program (CCP), 242 regulated members are required to submit their CCP for audit by the Competence Committee. Of this audit sample, seven regulated members were directed to audit by the Registrar and Competence Committee with the remaining names on the list a random computer-generated sample. Email notification was sent out to these members (at the email address provided to the College) on June 1.

As requested, the audited members must provide, via the mandatory My CCP platform, their self-assessment, learning plan and hours of reflective learning. Provision to the College is completed by the selected members pressing the submit button that will be populated into their My CCP platform on September 1. Only at this time will the College be able to see the regulated member’s detailed CCP entries.

Please note:

  • If you were registered as a full member less than the full CCP cycle, your hours’ requirements will be updated on the My CCP platform prior to audit submission.
  • The College can only view the CCP cycle for which the regulated member is being audited. All other cycles remain confidential.
  • During an audit process, the College does not have access to any non-audited member’s detailed CCP entries. These are entirely confidential.

The member’s submission is pre-screened by the Director of Education, who provides feedback and guidance to the member in order to increase the member’s chance of success on this audit. (This is a further example of the College’s attempts to ensure all members are properly supported and guided within their regulatory obligations.) From this screening, the members’ submissions are provided to the Competence Committee in October to conduct the audit. Members are notified of their result, and any required follow up, within two weeks of the process.

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