2018 ACMDTT Awards

The annual ACMDTT Awards were presented on Saturday April 28th, 2018, recognizing and celebrating excellence in their chosen profession.

The 2018 Award Winners are:

Technologist Awards

Student Scholastic Awards

Student Leadership Awards

Student Research Award

Tokens of Appreciation

Technologist Awards

Professional Excellence in Leadership Award – recognizes individuals  who demonstrate leadership, provides guidance and mentorship to colleagues, leads by example demonstrating respect, integrity and professionalism, fosters a positive working environment and promotes an affective relationship within the health care environment.  2018 recipient Brigitte Meszoly, MRT(R) click here  (back to top)

Professional Excellence in Patient Care Award – Recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in direct patient care and outstanding  abilities in delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic services.  It recognizes those who foster a healthy culture of respect and integrity within healthcare, advocates for quality patient care, facilitates a safe working environment and inspires confidence and trust in patients.  2018 Recipient –  Rachel Andrews, MRT(R) click here  (back to top)

Herbert M. Welch Memorial Award – Presented to a member who has a proven record of dedicated service and has made a significant contribution to the outstanding growth of the profession. 2018 Reipent – Abbi Langedahl, MRT(R) click here –  (back to top)

Joan Graham Award – recognizes individuals who impart shared learning in the form of continuing education and encourages the continuing competence of College members.  2018 recipient – Lynette Ziegler-Wood, MRT(R) click here  (back to top)

Carol Van Velzer Memorial Award – recognizes an electroneurophysiology technologist who presented an excellent learning session at the fall meeting of the ACMDTT ENP Branch.  2018 recipients –  Angie Sarnelli, ENP & Silvia Kozlik, ENP – click here  (back to top)

Student Scholastic Awards 

The Scholastic Awards honour the students who achieved the highest mark on each specialty’s CAMRT certification exam during the preceding year

Dr. Marshall Mallett Scholastic Award in Radiological TechnologyChelsea Mooney click here  (back to top)

Scholastic Award for Nuclear Medicine TechnologyHeather Callen-Wicks, RTNM click here  (back to top)

Scholastic Award for Magnetic Resonance TechnologyNeale Wiley, RTMR  click here  (back to top)

Scholastic Award for Radiation Therapy – Chad Freeman, RTTclick here  (back to top)

Student Leadership Awards

The Student Leadership Awards honour senior students in each specialty who demonstrate leadership, academic achievement, professionalism and involvement with the College.

Student Leadership Award for Radiological TechnologyKaelin Boras – click here  (back to top)

Student Leadership Award for Nuclear Medicine Technology – Osas Igbinosun  click here  (back to top)

Student Leadership Award for Radiation Therapy – Brooklyn Mazure – click here  (back to top)

Student Leadership Award for Magnetic Resonance Technology – Chelsea Peters click here  (back to top)

Student Research Award 

Students research posters were displayed at the CONNECT 2018 conference, reflecting their research initiative.  Attendees had the opportunity to vote for the poster they felt best reflected the research initiative.

  • 2018 Student Research Award – “Patient Dose: AP vs PA” – Britany McCarthy, Gary Mansfield and Jennifer Tobin click here  (back to top)

Other Recognition

Tokens of Appreciation recognize members for their outstanding contributions to the College and are completing their terms of office. click here  (back to top)

  • Wendy Read – Council Member
  • Jennifer Petrohay, MRT(NM) – Competence Committee Chair
  • Kathy Dudycz, MRT(R) – Edmonton Branch Chair
  • Sabrina Forth, MRT(NM) – Awards Committee Chair