Fee Policy

Last reviewed July 13, 2021

The activities listed below will be assessed the corresponding fee on a consistent basis.

Administrative Fees
NSF cheques $30.00
File copying $.10 per page
File review $25.00
Internationally educated applicants — assessment for substantial equivalence fee $300.00
Registration review by Council $300.00
Administrative fee for late renewals $150.00
Registration Fees
Application fee* $100.00
Regulated category of registration $450.00
Regulated category of registration after June 30 $225.00
Non-regulated membership $100.00

*Any applications that are incomplete or open for three months will be withdrawn by the College and any application fee submitted will be forfeited. Please also note the application fee will be waived for applicants who held a student membership with the College within two years preceding the application for registration.

Annual (registration) fees

The annual registration fee is $450. The fee is the same for all regulated members and is paid upon initial registration and during the annual renewal period. Members who register from July 1 to December 31 pay a prorated initial registration fee of $225. Members who do not renew on time are charged an administrative fee of $150.

Refund Policy

All College fees are non-refundable except a portion of the registration fee when a regulated member resigns before June 30 (see table below). Registrants who provide a complete application with an effective date before June 30 may be eligible for a refund, per the schedule below:

General to Resignation
January 1 – June 30 $225 refund
July 1 – December 31 No refund

Registrants who provide a complete application for resignation with an effective date after June 30 are not eligible for a refund. Please note that these applications cannot be backdated.

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