Diagnostic Medical Sonographers


Diagnostic medical sonographers (DMS) are professionals integral to the healthcare team. Through the application of ultrasound imaging, DMS play a critical role in the diagnostic care of a patient and their management. Currently, sonographers practice in the public health sector as well as in community and private clinics performing general, including obstetrical, cardiac and vascular procedures. Musculoskeletal imaging is an emerging area within the field of ultrasound imaging.

In May 2016, the Health Professions Act in Alberta has been amended to include DMS under the regulatory umbrella of the ACMDTT. The inclusion of these diagnostic imaging colleagues will provide a pathway for assurance of public protection leading to greater public awareness and confidence in DMS. ACMDTT is a natural fit for regulating DMS based on the consistencies and parallels already present with our MRT and ENP specialties.

Work is ongoing to move this process forward. To learn more about the next steps, Click here.

To learn more about the regulatory framework and what it means to be a regulated health professional in Alberta, please watch the following webinar – click here.

What does this mean for current members of the ACMDTT?

  • The College is very pleased to broaden its umbrella to include our diagnostic imaging colleagues. ACMDTT is a natural fit based on the consistencies and parallels already present with the MRT and ENP specialties. From the perspective of public protection, it just makes good sense!
  • We anticipate that there will be no negative effect on MRTs and ENPs. Inclusion of this group of additional members (approximately 800) will likely balance the additional costs associated with regulating another register of practitioners and collaborating with their national association.

What does this mean for Sonographers?

  • In the future, permits to practice all applications and specialties performed in diagnostic medical sonography (general, cardiac and/or vascular) in Alberta will be managed through the ACMDTT; this includes areas of practice such as musculoskeletal, fetal, cardiac, etc.
  • It is anticipated that credentialed sonographers would transition to a provincial register; other competent practitioners would be grandparented at this time of regulation based on pre-established criteria.
  • It is not anticipated that the regulation of sonographers will have any significant impact on practitioner availability and services to the public.

For further information, please click on the link below:
Government of Alberta website

For additional questions, please contact the College at dms@acmdtt.com