Additional Information to Assist Your Registration

Service standard

The ACMDTT demonstrates transparency, objectivity, impartiality and procedural fairness by committing to the following: 

  • All inquiries receive a response as soon as possible, within two to three business days.
  • Receipt of an application for registration is acknowledged, preferably via email, as soon as possible, within three business days.
  • Complete applications for registration (excluding those for internationally educated applicants) will be processed as soon as possible, within three business days.
  • If there is doubt whether an application meets all of the registration requirements, it may be referred to the Registration Committee for review.
  • Internationally educated applicants can also expect the following:
    • An internationally educated applicant’s application for registration shall be automatically referred to the Registration Committee upon receipt by the Registrar. Longer timelines shall apply under these circumstances, and the College will endeavour to update the applicant or member of the status of their application in a timely and transparent manner. Internationally educated applicants are encouraged to look at the flowchart for registration process for more information.
    • If any documents are outstanding, the College will email you approximately every six months. In the near future, we plan to enable applicants and members to check the status of their applications online.
    • A written decision and reasons will be provided for all applications and appeals within 90 days of receiving complete information.

Appealing the decision of the Registrar or Registration Committee

The Health Professions Act provides that applicants who receive a decision and reasons from the Registrar or Registration Committee can have their decision appealed to the Council of the College.

To appeal a decision, submit a request for review to the College within 30 days of being given a copy of the decision. The request should be in writing and set out the reasons why you are appealing the decision. The fee for an appeal to the Council of the College is $300 and is to accompany all requests for appeal. An applicant can request a fee exemption based on extenuating circumstances.

When the appeal is conducted, you can present in three ways – oral or written submission, or in person. The Council will provide the appellant as well as the Registrar or Registration Committee its decision in writing, with reasons that explain the basis for the decision.

Access to records

The ACMDTT understands that you may need to access your record at the College, including your application and supporting documents. Access to these records can help you understand a decision, build an appeal case, and maintain access to documents that are difficult or costly to obtain. You may request copies of documents that you have provided the College by submitting a document request form.

Documents can be provided to you as hard or soft copies. If there is a cost for providing you the requested documents (e.g. photocopy, postage/courier), the College will notify you prior to fulfillment of your request.

Please note that the Registrar shall not release documents that may jeopardize the safety of any person, and the Registrar shall provide reasons if a request for access to a record is being denied.


All documents are required in English. The College accepts translated documents from:

  • The consulate, high commission or embassy (in Canada) for the country that issued the documents
  • A Canadian consulate, high commission or embassy in the country from which the applicant emigrated
  • A certified member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta
  • A translator accredited by a professional association of translators in Canada
  • A translator accredited by the Canadian government
  • A translator accredited by a provincial or municipal government in Canada

Exceptions or exemptions to registration requirements

In determining whether an applicant experienced exceptional circumstances that warrant an exception or exemption to registration requirements, the College takes into account the following factors:

  • Evidence of personal illness or incapacity
  • Evidence of personal emergency or bereavement
  • Evidence of unanticipated family or other personal care engagements
  • Evidence of any other exceptional circumstances relevant to the applicant’s ability to meet the registration requirements within the stipulated timelines

You are encouraged to provide as much as information as possible, with corroborating evidence where possible, to assist the College’s decision-making process. Submissions are confidential and your information is managed in accordance with the ACMDTT Privacy Policy.

Alternative documentation

In certain circumstances, which may include but are not limited to war, natural disasters, extreme violence, and political persecution, it may be difficult for an applicant to submit the required documents. Before a decision can be made about whether an applicant could submit alternative documents, the applicant is required to demonstrate that they have tried and were unsuccessful in obtaining the required and supporting documents needed for application for registration.

The College will process each alternative documentation request on a case-by-case basis before an applicant can provide the type of alternative documentation the College may accept. Alternative documentation for application for registration may include but is not limited to:

  • Copies of documents from the applicant or other available resources
  • Prior learning or additional competency assessment(s)
  • Affidavits and notarized declarations stating that the individual has completed the stated registration requirement
  • Employment or academic references
  • Interviews with staff

Contact information

For more information, please contact the College registration department by email at or by phone at 780.487.6130 x. 523.

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