Labour Mobility Applicants

Regulation varies from province to province, but in Alberta, medical radiation technologists (MRTs) and electroneurophysiology technologists (ENPs) are governed by the Health Professions Act (HPA). As per this legislation, every person who practices radiological technology, nuclear medicine technology, magnetic resonance technology, electroneurophysiology technology or radiation therapy in Alberta must hold valid and current registration with the Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists (the College).

If you are relocating to Alberta from another province or territory in Canada, there are two main methods by which you can apply for registration: labour mobility and non-labour mobility.

The labour mobility process is for those individuals who are registered to practice in radiological, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine or magnetic resonance technology in a Canadian province where that specialty is regulated.

Follow this process if you have:

  • active registration to practice at the time of applying for registration in Alberta in one of the specialties in the provinces listed in the table below,
  • are moving to Alberta,
  • and want to practice as an MRT here.

If this registration process applies to you, it is important that you do not resign your current license to practice until the ACMDTT can confirm the active status of your registration. If you resign prior to your Alberta registration being approved, you will have to submit a new application using the Non-Labour Mobility process.

Current province/territory of practice or training Specialties to which labour mobility provisions may apply
Saskatchewan Radiological
Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Therapy
Magnetic Resonance
Ontario Radiological
Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Therapy
Magnetic Resonance
Quebec Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Therapy
New Brunswick Radiological
Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Therapy
Magnetic Resonance
Nova Scotia Radiological
Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Therapy
Magnetic Resonance

If you are unable to find your specialty or province/territory in the table above or if you are not currently registered with the provincial regulatory authority in your home jurisdiction, please apply using the non-labour mobility process.

The College is committed to being transparent, objective, impartial and procedurally fair in our application process. Please see the Additional Registration Information page for more information.

The following steps are required for registration as a labour mobility applicant:

  1. Register for an account for our online member portal, also known as My Profile.
  2. Log in to your account and select “Apply” in the box on your home screen to begin your application.
  3. Complete all sections of the application. Please complete the steps in order as certain selections populate information in subsequent steps.
    1. Select “Canadian labour mobility” from the “Application stream” dropdown menu.
    2. Enter your personal information.
    3. Select the specialty(ies) you are applying for.
    4. Add your education information and upload evidence of successful completion of an approved program of study. This evidence can be a diploma, degree, official transcript, or letter of program completion from the post-secondary institution.
    5. Add your examination information and upload evidence of successful completion of an approved entry-to-practice examination.
    6. Add your expected future employment information if applicable.
    7. Select your professional liability insurance (PLI) provider and enter your policy number.
    8. If you practiced the profession in the most recent five-year window, record your practice hours for each specialty. New graduates are exempt from the practice hours requirement if the application is submitted within two years of graduation.
      1. Applicants applying for one specialty in the general register must have completed at least 800 working hours of practice in the appropriate area of practice within the five years immediately preceding the date the registrar receives a complete application.
      2. Applicants applying for registration in more than one specialty in the general register must meet the criteria specified in (i) above in their primary area of practice and have completed at least 160 working hours in their secondary area of practice within the five years immediately preceding the date the registrar receives a complete application.
    9. Declare that you will provide a criminal record check (see Step 4 for instructions on how to complete the criminal record check).
    10. Answer the questions relating to English language proficiency.
    11. Upload a letter of good standing from the out-of-province regulatory authority where you are currently registered.
    12. Declare that you have completed the Regulation Education Module (REM) and upload proof of completion (see Step 5 for instructions on how to complete the REM).
    13. Declare that you hold the required PLI.
    14. Answer the questions about your registration and conduct.
    15. Complete the declaration of compliance.
  4. Submit your criminal record check through Sterling Backcheck using the College’s landing page. The fee for this service is $29, paid directly to Sterling Backcheck through their secure online payment gateway.
  5. Complete the Regulation Education Module (REM).
    1. Access the REM through the Skilsure portal, also known as My CCP, using the login information provided on your application, and save the certificate that is generated upon completion.
    2. Upload your REM certificate to the REM section of your application by returning to the form in My Profile through the link on your home page.
  6. Verify the information you entered in your application and submit it.
  7. Pay the $100 application fee.
  8. Receive notification from the College on the next steps.
  9. Complete any remaining requirements for registration.
    • Please note: Any applications that are incomplete or open for three months will be withdrawn by the College and any application fee submitted will be forfeited.
  1. Pay the registration fee. The initial registration fee is $450 from January 1 to June 30 and $225 from July 1 to December 31.
  2. Receive confirmation from the College that you are registered.
  3. Once you are registered, if applicable, submit an application for additional and enhanced practice authorization through My Profile.

If you’re not sure you meet the requirements or if you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact the College by email at or by phone at 780.487.6130 or 1.800.282.2165.

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