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Welcome to the first edition of Connections! This digital publication will reach medical radiation technologists, electroneurophysiology technologists, rostered diagnostic medical sonographers, students and key stakeholders – a footprint of 4000+ professionals. We hope you like this modernized look and content, please do drop us a note, or if you are interested in publishing an article, at

We plan to use this space to draw your attention to College matters, so here we go:

Council update

Jennifer DiNucci, MRT(MR), who served as Council Vice-President, has moved away from Alberta and she will be missed. We thank Jennifer for her service and dedication to the College over her tenure. College Bylaws require that Council have at least one regulated member from each specialty, we are pleased to announce that Steve DeColle, MRT(MR) has stepped in to fill this vacancy.

Council oversees the long-term focus of the College and ensures that its resources are aligned with its strategic objectives. Council has been working towards producing a strategic plan to be released later this year.

Members getting involved

We have received a tremendous response to our call for volunteers for the Continuing Competence Committee, Registration Committee, Conference Program Committee and Awards Committee. Thank you to those who considered it and the dozens of regulated members who expressed interest in being on these committees. We encourage you to keep an eye on the volunteer page of the College website for more opportunities to contribute to your College.

Save the date

Our annual conference, CONNECT 2019 will be held on May 10-11 in Edmonton. A new membership meeting (in place of the AGM of previous years) will be held at the conference and will enable members across Alberta to participate electronically.

Regulatory update

The College is created through legislation with the purpose of protecting and serving the public interest. This means that it is legally responsible for upholding and enforcing the requirements of the Health Professions Act (HPA) and the Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists Profession Regulation in accordance with this mandate.

The legislation requires each regulated member of the healthcare workforce to meet the CCP requirement and declare that they have done so prior to being allowed to renew their permit to practice in Alberta. These CCP and renewal requirements are annual. The legislative intent here it so to provide a system to ensure that our healthcare professionals are staying competent and current so that they may be allowed to practice on the public. The legislation also requires every health College in Alberta to ensure that this actually happens in a fair and consistent manner on an annual basis.

The College is required by the HPA and the regulations to run a CCP audit each year as a sample of evidence that allows it to provide assurance to the public that its members are competent to practice. The College has launched its CCP audit with an audit sample of 242; read more about it in this newsletter.

As the College moves closer to complying with another of its legislated requirements, which is ensuring annual registration of its regulated members’ permit to practice in Alberta, we want to ensure that we have assisted all regulated members in truthfully declaring that they have met their CCP requirements. You may recall that the College is able to view if a member has entered data into their online My CCP program but it cannot see that data without their permission (yes, this is also legally binding on the College). A statistical analysis shows that over 300 regulated members have not entered complete data in their My CCP. The College is working with these members to help them complete their CCP requirements prior to registration renewal; read more about it in this newsletter.

Earlier this year, we had initiated a random audit of 282 members to ensure that they held professional liability insurance (PLI) in line with legislation and College policy, just as they had declared through their annual registration renewal. We are pleased to provide the public assurance that this random sample affirms that our members hold the PLI needed to protect their patients and them.

Welcoming new members to our community

In the last month, we are pleased to welcome 60+ new graduates to the profession, we wish you luck as you move into professional practice through your temporary practice permit issued by the College. We are also glad to welcome all student members into the College, as unregulated members of this College we plan to stay in touch with you through this publication and hope to meet you at your schools through our outreach program.

Other connections

The College continues to collaborate with many other partners in the profession, a few highlights of our recent work are:

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