CCP Audit 2017/18

The audit of the 2017/18 cycle for the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) was held October 25-26, 2018 at the ACMDTT office. Nine members of the Competence Committee were in attendance. The Competence Committee is a group of regulated members who have stepped forward to volunteer with the College and actualize self-regulation. The Competence Committee has two mandates:

  • To monitor the CCP as an entity and ensure that it meets not only legislative requirements but that of the profession to ensure that members continue to provide competent care
  • To monitor member compliance with the CCP

The annual CCP audit addresses the second mandate.

For the 2017/18 audit, through a combination of random selection and directed audits (due to conduct decisions), 242 members were selected, in June, for audit. Between June 1 and August 31, four audits were cancelled as the audited members moved to non-regulated status and therefore the College has no jurisdiction. As a result, the committee had 238 files to assess during the audit.

The Competence Committee assessed these files over 12 hours during the two days of the audit. As per legislation, the Competence Committee has the legal requirement to afford one of two audit results: satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The Competence Committee has chosen to retain a third result (satisfactory with exemptions) to afford a learning opportunity to members. After deliberations, the Competence Committee found the following:

  • 144 members had satisfactory audits
    • all material submitted was accepted as written
    • received instant email relaying satisfactory result
  • 50 members had audits with a satisfactory with exemptions result
    • Members met the minimum CCP requirements but not all submitted material was accepted
    • Received a personalized letter from the Competence Committee outlining what was not accepted within the submission and did not contribute to the overall satisfactory audit result
  • 44 members received an unsatisfactory audit result
    • Members did not meet the minimum requirements for the CCP
    • Included 4 non-submissions
    • Received a personalized letter from the Competence Committee outlining what was not accepted that resulted in the member not achieving the minimum standard of the CCP

Two themes emerged from the audit that resulted in the unsatisfactory audit results:

  • Overall the feeling from the Competence Committee was that members are still struggling with the concept of self-reflection
  • Members are not double checking the details of their entries as many were submitted with dates recorded that were outside the CCP cycle being audited

Self-reflection is a difficult concept for some of us, maybe because we don’t realize that we are already reflecting and are looking for something more. Members are encouraged to read materials that speak to this as communicated by the College. Most recently, the current CCP Guide and an article on self-reflection currently posted on the ACMDTT website. Should there be any further questions on this, members are encouraged to contact the College.

In follow-up of the audit, the Competence Committee delegated the Director of Education to remediate with those members who received unsatisfactory results. On October 30, registered letters were mailed to these members with direction to contact the Director of Education within 10 days of receipt. This begins the remediation process. Members must remediate their audit in order to renew their practice permit for 2019.

At this time, the College is following up in the remedial process with two members who have yet to contact the College.