Continuing Competence Program FAQs

Q. Why is there a Continuing Competence Program?
The Health Professions Act (HPA), passed in the Alberta legislature in 2000, stipulates that a regulated member of a College must adhere to a Continuing Competence Program in order to maintain competence and enhance the provision of professional services. Every regulated member of the 28 Colleges named under the HPA must abide by a Continuing Competence Program (CCP).

Q. What happens if I don’t comply?
Compliance with the CCP is a mandated requirement of registration with the College. If you declare non-compliance with the CCP at renewal or are found to be non-compliant at audit, the College will assist you in remediating your program so that you may retain your registration.  A regulated member refusal of compliance with the CCP constitutes unprofessional conduct and as such he/she will be referred to the Complaints Director by the Competence Committee.

Q. I am on maternity leave. Am I responsible to complete the CCP
A. Your employment status has no bearing on your CCP requirements. What does is your registration status. If you hold full membership, you are a regulated health professional and are responsible to complete the CCP requirements while you are registered in this category.  If you are not working as an MRT or ENP, you may change your membership to associate status.  This is a non-regulated category, and as such, you are not responsible for the number of CCP hours corresponding to the time you held associate membership.  Please contact the College to confirm your requirements as your leave may overlap CCP cycles.

Q. What is the CCP cycle?
The CCP cycle runs from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. It is within this time frame that you must complete your requirements of the CCP. New documentation starts on September 1.

Q. How to I log into My CCP?
Click on the blue My CCP box in the bottom banner of the ACMDTT website. Your username is your ACMDTT Registration number and your password has been defaulted to your last name.  Please change your password once you have logged in to ensure that your CCP remains confidential.

Q. Do I have to record everything online?
Effective September 1, 2015, all members of the College must utilize this system for CCP records. No paper copies of CCP forms will be available. The College will make every effort to accommodate individuals unable to complete the CCP as designed.

Q. I am taking a course. Does it count toward my CCP?
If the course is related to your practice and you can self-reflect on how it impacts it, then yes, you may count these hours of study. The average full length course is usually between 30 and 50 hours.

Q. I don’t have enough hours. What do I do?
There are lots of options for completing your hours. It does not have to be an organized activity. Reading journal articles, participating in hospital rounds or staff meetings can all count toward your CCP. The main thing to remember is that you have to self-reflect on the activity and express how it affects what you do in your job as an MRT or ENP. The College also offers the Regulation Education Module which is an opportunity for members to learn more about the College and the responsibilities of being a regulated health professional in Alberta. A member may count up to four hours per CCP cycle for this activity. For more ideas visit the Learning Resources Section of the website.