Council Candidate – Amélie Lamontagne, MRT(T)

Amélie Lamontagne, MRT(T)

Red Deer

Why do you wish to become a Council member?

  • I wish to become a council member to learn more about what my College does and how I can contribute. I also want to continuously learn by working on my professional development. I hope to have a voice for Radiation Therapists in Alberta, as well as the other technical professions in the College. l hope to have a role in the evolution of the College and our professions by engaging in the improvement of our standards of practice, code of ethics and professional development. By doing this in a multidisciplinary fashion, we can have better outcomes in our province!

What attributes do you believe you will bring to this position, the ACMDTT, and the professions they regulate?

  • I believe that even though I am still a newly graduated Radiation Therapist (2015), I bring different perspectives to the College. Having trained in Ontario, worked in Québec for 7 months and now in Alberta for one year and a half, I can bring diverse viewpoints to the College. Another important piece of being part of the Council is working in a multidisciplinary team which I have some familiarity with. At the CACC, I am part of the Community of Practice which is a team of health professionals and clerical staff who work together to find ideas on how to improve the patient’s journey. From this group we have been able to produce topic of the month posters for patients; i.e. radiation therapy, sexual health while on treatment, exercise while on treatment, etc. Another great thing the group was able to do is have a “Living your best life for cancer survivors workshop”. This group is a prime example of how a variety of disciplines came together and brought forward great initiatives. To me the Council follows the same principles of teamwork and finding best practices and I would like to be part of it!

What unique skills do you have that make you a good choice for this important and extremely strategic position?

  • I believe that even though I am still new to Alberta, I bring lots of enthusiasm to my profession. I love getting involved with different initiatives and doing as much as I can at the Central Alberta Cancer Centre to do my part in the Radiation Therapy setting. I have joined and contributed my time to the ACCEL trial, a provincial patient education initiative, the social committee and I will soon be taking part in a provincial research project. I think my dedication to the profession would be a great attribute to have for the Council.

Do you have any related or past experiences that may impact the work of the College?

  • I have no experience working directly with a College which is one of the reasons why I want to join the Council so that I can open up my knowledge about the College and how they operate. I am excited about having a voice for Radiation Therapy and other technical professions in Alberta. I was a student member and attended meetings with the Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences (OAMRS). I was also a part of OTIMROEPMQ while working in Québec and saw how they operate and treat their members.

Work history:

  • Trained in Sudbury, Ontario from 2011-2015
  • Worked in Laval, Québec from October 2015 to May 2016
  • Working in Red Deer, Alberta from May 2016 to Present

Who are you? What pastimes and interests do you enjoy?

  • My name is Amélie Lamontagne and I am originally from Sudbury, Ontario. As you can tell by my name, I am a Francophone and do treasure my background. Other than being a Radiation Therapist, my past times consist of attending Orange Theory Fitness which is by far the best work out I have ever done. I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years of my life. My move to Alberta has allowed me to build on my love for the outdoors. I love going hiking in the beautiful mountains with my two fur babies, Joker and Charlie and my boyfriend Cameron.

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