Council Candidate – Michael Piva, MRT(T)

Michael Piva, MRT(T)


Why do you wish to become a Council member?

  • It’s been a few years since I became the Radiation Therapy Clinical Educator at the CCI and recently I’ve been thinking about ways to expand my contribution beyond the CCI. When I found out about this opportunity, it seemed like a great way to accomplish this. I spoke with Wendy Read to learn more about what it meant to be a Council member and she explained what a valuable experience it has been for her to learn more about the inner working of the college, network with people from other professions, and contribute to ensuring our professions provide quality care. All of that sounded really exciting to me and solidified my interest in becoming a Council member.

What attributes do you believe you will bring to this position, the ACMDTT, and the professions they regulate?

  • People have told me that I am a pleasant and respectful person to collaborate with. At times I may seem somewhat reserved but that is usually because I like to carefully consider other people’s points of views and suggestions before speaking myself. I am good at suggesting compromises when appropriate but I also have the fortitude to stand firmly upon my convictions when necessary.

What unique skills do you have that make you a good choice for this important and extremely strategic position?

  • I have a very broad knowledge base especially when it comes to advanced technologies or the theory behind the practice. If I don’t understand something, I’ll bury myself in research until I do. This allows me to clearly see the big picture and the interconnections between various pieces. In discussions I often bring a unique perspective and am capable of introducing fresh ideas.

Do you have any related or past experiences that may impact the work of the College?

  • In my rote as a Clinical Educator, I have been involved in many multi-disciplinary and provincial process improvement groups in the past few years. These experiences have given me an appreciation and respect of varying perspectives. I have taken a post-secondary course in Effective Leadership through the Michener Institute that covered topics such as strategic planning, resource management, and financial planning.

Work history:

  • In August of 2002 I graduated from the “School of Radiation Therapy” at the Cross Cancer Institute. Shortly after that I began my employment at the CCI as a Radiation Therapist and quickly earned a reputation for my excellent technical and computer skills. I received a promotion to a Radiation Therapist II in the summer of 2005 and became involved in several quality and process improvement projects. During this time I also became a popular educational resource for peers and students. Between 2009 and 2014 I had the opportunity to specialize as a CT SIM RT for some maternity leaves and relief work. While doing this, I completed the CAMRT CT Imaging Certificate (CTIC) and a few of the CAMRT’s Dosimetry courses.
  • Finally, in 2014, I began my new role as the CCI’s RT Clinical Educator. In this role I have developed a considerable amount of training resources for Radiation Therapists, helped implement paperless treatment, and helped introduce new technologies and treatments to Edmonton (Such as DIBH, AlignRT/OSMS, and Gamma Knife SRS). Likewise, I’m heavily involved in many provincial and interdisciplinary projects. I am continuing to try and improve my skills by pursuing a Master of Education through Athabasca University.

Who are you? What pastimes and interests do you enjoy?

  • Most people would consider me somewhat of a geek or nerd because of my heavy interest in science and technology. In my spare time (what little of it that I have) I enjoy writing science fiction or tinkering with my vintage computer collection. So far, my very loving wife has tolerated the stacks of ancient computers in our basement but may leave me if I get any more. I also have three wonderful teenagers, which is mainly why I have so little spare time for my other hobbies.


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