Criminal Record Check

All applicants are required to submit an original criminal record check* conducted no more than six months before applying to the College. Internationally educated applicants should submit their criminal record check with Part 3 of their application for registration. To get a criminal record check, contact your local police department. We do not accept record checks conducted by third parties (e.g. private companies). You are not required to submit a vulnerable sector check.

Requirements for a criminal record check:

  • The criminal record check must show that the search was conducted by the applicant’s local police department no more than six months before the date of application.
  • The College must receive the original copy of the record check in order to verify its authenticity.
  • The report must include records of discharges that have not been removed from the CPIC system in accordance with the Criminal Records Act and records of outstanding criminal charges of which the police are aware.
  • Applicants are also required to report any pardons they have received.
  • The name on the report must match the name that appears on the applicant’s registration application.
  • The report must indicate that a search was completed on all names the applicant is currently using or has used.
  • The date of birth that appears on the report must match that of the applicant.
  • Online checks by commercial vendors will not be accepted.
  • The costs relating to obtaining a criminal record check will be borne by the applicant.
  • The College will retain criminal record checks for applicants’ provincial records.

If you do have a criminal record, you are required to provide any or all of the following documentation:

  • An explanation, including the efforts at rehabilitation or remediated actions taken
  • A completed professional portfolio or résumé detailing past work history, volunteer work, education, continuing education and professional development
  • Reference letter(s) from past and current employers, professional colleagues, and other sources, including individuals that knew you before and after the conduct
  • Letter(s) of good standing from any other health authority, regulators or associations
  • If applicable, statements/reports from relevant persons, such as police officers, parole officers, probation officers, college registrars, victims or employers
  • If applicable, relevant documents connected to unprofessional conduct, which may include records, media reports, orders, pardons, probation orders or court documents including court transcripts and regulatory college files
  • Any other relevant documents that you may think necessary for the College to consider during review

*A criminal record check is a statement that you do or do not have a criminal record. Depending on your country or territory, it may be called a police certificate, police clearance certificate, a good conduct certificate, a judicial record extract or another name. Please confirm with the College if you plan to submit these types of documents before your arrival in Canada. If your criminal record check is in a language other than English, send the criminal record check along with a translation from a certified translator. The College will accept notarized criminal record checks submitted for immigration to Canada if the check was conducted no more than six months before applying to the College.

Your original criminal record check must be mailed or submitted to:

Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists
Attn: Registration Department
Suite 800, 4445 Calgary Trail
Edmonton AB Canada T6H 5R7