Student Awards

There are three sets of student awards: Student Scholastic Awards, Student Leadership Awards and Student Research Award.

Student Leadership Awards

Student leadership awards are delegated to a senior student from each specialty who portrays strong leadership and interpersonal skills. This award is delegated through an application process. The student leadership awards are:

  • Student Leadership Award in Radiological Technology
  • Student Leadership Award in Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • Student Leadership Award in Magnetic Resonance Technology
  • Student Leadership Award in Radiation Therapy
  • Student Leadership Award in Electroneurophysiology Technology

Deadline to apply for Student Leadership Awards is February 14, 2020.

Student Research Award

Present your research poster to all ACMDTT conference attendees.

This award is given to the student or group of students who showcased outstanding research and methodology in their poster, as voted on by attendees of the annual ACMDTT conference.

For Student Research Award Guidelines, click here.

Student Scholastic Awards


Scholastic awards are awarded each year to the student who achieves the highest mark on the CAMRT or CBRET certification exam in his/her respective specialty in the previous calendar year. The scholastic awards are:

  • Dr. Marshall Mallett Scholastic Award in Radiological Technology
  • Scholastic Award in Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • Scholastic Award in Magnetic Resonance Technology
  • Scholastic Award in Radiation Therapy
  • Scholastic Award in Electroneurophysiology Technology