Technologist Awards

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for the contribution they’ve made to the profession? Nominate them today! Submissions are now being accepted for the 2020 awards.

Excellence in Professional Collaboration

This award has been created by the College in recognition of the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of professional practice in healthcare. A professional team consisting of at least one full member in good standing with the ACMDTT is eligible for this award. The successful team will embody the concept of professional collaboration, either solely within the specialties of the College or with those of other professionals within the healthcare environment.

This team will have contributed to a common goal related to professional practice either technically or with humanity which has had a positive impact on the profession.

Professional Excellence in Leadership Award

This award may be delegated to any full member in good standing with the College. The award recipient will demonstrate professional excellence in leadership; provide guidance and mentorship to his/her colleagues; lead by example demonstrating respect, integrity and professionalism; foster a positive working environment and promote effective relationships within the health care environment.

Professional Excellence in Patient Care Award

To be eligible for this award, the candidate must be an full member, in good standing, with the College. The recipient will demonstrate professional excellence in direct patient care; demonstrate outstanding abilities in the delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic services; foster a healthy culture of respect and integrity within health care; advocate for quality patient care and facilitate a safe working environment and inspire confidence and trust in patients.

Herbert M. Welch Memorial Award

Herbert M. Welch was a pioneer in the field of medical radiation technology whose commitment and dedication aided in the growth of the profession. Mr. Welch, or Bert as he was known, was born in Ashton-Under-line, England in 1888 and immigrated to Canada in 1908 as an Electrician. When WWI broke out, he immediately enlisted and went overseas with the Engineers where he his talents were used on the installation of X-Ray equipment for the Army. This is where his passion for the professions started. Upon his return to Canada, Bert underwent his X-Ray training in Toronto from where he joined the Col. Belcher Hospital in Calgary. Mr. Welch remained in Calgary until his death on March 24, 1951.

This award, first bestowed in 1964, is to honour a member of the College (full or retired/resigned in good standing, excluding current Council members) who has dedicated a minimum of 15 years of service to and has made a significant contribution to the outstanding growth of the profession.

Joan Graham Award

Joan Graham started her career in the health professions as a graduate of the Lamont Hospital nursing program. She later took training in both radiographic and therapeutic radiology and went on to become a charter member of the Alberta Society of X-Ray Technicians. Ms. Graham was very active in the training of new technicians when training was done by voluntary instructors. With the establishment of a formal training program in Alberta, she concentrated her efforts on postgraduate training for radiographers and for many years organized postgraduate course in Alberta.

This award may be delegated to any full member of the ACMDTT (excluding current Council members) who imparts shared learning in the form of continuing education applicable to the membership and encourages continuing competence in alignment with the College guidelines. The award recipient may also be an educator.

ACMDTT Honorary Lifetime Membership

The Honorary Life Membership is designed to honour an individual whose professional activities have promoted the profession provincially and/or nationally; whose leadership serves to motivate others to become involved in professional activities; and who has been involved in raising the profile of the ACMDTT and the profession. This award is delegated through a nomination process, either by an individual or by an ACMDTT Branch.

This award may only be bestowed to a non-practicing previously regulated member who has made a significant contribution over at least 15 years of AAMRT/ACMDTT membership or service at a provincial and/or national level.

Carol Van Velzer Memorial Award

Carol Van Velzer grew up in Saskatchewan with aspirations of becoming a librarian. This is until her doctor sent her for an electroencephalogram (EEG) to investigate her migraine headaches. This changed everything for Carol.  Following high school, Carol sought out studies at University Hospital in Saskatoon and continued to work there for many years until her wish to travel took hold. Through much collaboration with the world’s best EEG minds, Carol worked in the UK, Vienna and Italy where her devotion to her career focused her on paediatric EEG. Her interest in neonatal EEG led her closer to home when she traveled to work at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Carol eventually could not stay away from Canada any longer and returned to work in Ottawa and then onto Calgary, from where she retired.

Carol Van Velzer was very active in her extensive career as an electroneurophysiology technologist as exemplified by her service as president of the International Organisation of Societies for Electroneurophysiological Technology (OSET) from 1987-91.

The ENP Branch can award this honour to any active electroneurophysiology technologist (ENP), in good standing with ACMDTT, who presents an exhibit or platform presentation of excellence related to the field of electroneurophysiology at an ENP Branch Meeting in the preceding year.

Please contact Susan McGregor at to nominate someone.

George C. Hall Invitational Address

George C. Hall, President of the Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians cuts the cake celebrating the 25th anniversary of the CSRT in 1967.

The George C. Hall Invitational Address is delivered by a deserving honoree during the ACMDTT Annual  Luncheon.

George C. Hall was born in London, England and immigrated to a farm in Saskatchewan in 1927.

In 1944, Mr. Hall graduated as a psychiatric nurse from Edmonton’s Alberta Hospital. Through nursing, Mr. Hall gained an appreciation and understanding for the field of x-ray technology and soon went on to train at Dr. Marshall Mallett’s office in Edmonton.

Through his experience as a Radiological Technologist, George C. Hall was dedicated to the betterment of our profession.

Illustrated by his service at the local, provincial and national levels, Mr. Hall led by example as to what a dedicated professional can do to make a difference and create an impact in his/her profession.

An individual who has influenced the growth of the profession in clinical practice, education, research and/or administration may be nominated to deliver this address.