CCP Audits

It is required by the Health Professions Act (HPA) and the Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists Profession Regulation (the Regulation) that all regulated members comply with the requirements of the Continuing Competence Program (CCP). Compliance is required in order to renew and hold registration with the College.

The CCP cycle runs from September 1 through to August 31 of the following year. As per the Regulation, in each CCP cycle, members are required to complete a reflective practice review on the My CCP online platform. A reflective practice review consists of:

  • Self-assessment
  • Learning plan
  • Reflective learning (completing the appropriate number of hours relative to the length of time the regulated member held a full practice permit)

Membership participation in the CCP is monitored as per the HPA. This participation is monitored through two separate audit processes:

  • The CCP Audit, in which members are requested to submit their reflective practice review to the Competence Committee for assessment of their compliance
  • The CCP Analytics Verification, in which the College looks at a report that shows if or when all members have logged into the My CCP platform, if or when the members have logged out of the platform and if the members have entered any data into the CCP.

CCP Audit

The audit sample for this process is generated through a random selection of regulated members in the registration database and through possible directed audits as per the Registrar and/or Competence Committee.

As per College policy, through random selection, up to 20% of the regulated membership may be selected for evaluation of their reflective practice review on an annual basis. Members will be notified via email in June or July advising that they have been selected for audit. All audited members are requested to notify the College of receipt of this email. Subsequent emails will be sent to the audited sample throughout the summer leading to the submission deadline.

Although random selection is generally the process for member selection, the Competence Committee and the Registrar may specifically select regulated members where deemed appropriate. Such reasons include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Demonstration of an unsatisfactory reflective practice review through the previous year’s audit
  • Declaration of non-compliance with the program to a member of the Competence Committee or College staff
  • Declaration of non-compliance with the program at renewal

If you are audited, you must submit the following documents via the My CCP platform:

  • Self-Assessment of Practice
  • Personal Learning Plan
  • All Records of CCP Activities (including the Multisource Learning and the Multi-Session Learning Event Records)
  • Summary of Activities

On September 1, a submit button will be added to the audited member’s My CCP profile. This button may not be populated earlier as once a member submits their cycle, the CCP cycle is locked and the member is not permitted to make any additional changes to their records. As My CCP is the sole medium by which members record their CCP, the College cannot deny a member access to the current cycle. As such, submissions may not occur prior to September 1.

Upon receipt of a member’s CCP cycle, the Director of Education and Competence reviews the member’s reflective practice review. This is in advance of the Competence Committee’s audit. The Director of Education and Competence may make suggestions to the member on ways in which the member may amend or augment their CCP entries. Feedback from the College is in respect to the Competence Committee’s decisions in previous audits and is in an attempt to increase the member’s chance of success on the audit.

Once the member is satisfied with the submission, the file is put in queue for the Competence Committee, which meets in October to perform the audit. Following the audit, members are notified of their audit result via email or post. Members will receive their audit results within 30 days of the audit.

Additional evidence in support of the information the member provided in their reflective practice review may be requested by the Competence Committee.

As per the Regulation, please remember to retain your CCP records for five years.

Any required follow-up with respect to the member’s audit result will be done through the Director of Education and Competence as delegated by the Competence Committee.

CCP Analytics Verification

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their CCP is complete via entry onto the My CCP platform by the end of the cycle (August 31).

As per Section 13 of the Regulation, a member’s ability to renew a full practice permit is contingent on their compliance with the CCP. As such, the College annually undergoes an analytics validation of member compliance with the CCP prior to the registration renewal window, which starts October 1.

Through this validation, the College is able to see if/when the member has logged into the platform, if/when they have logged out and if they have entered data into each of the three components of the CCP. Through this process, the College is not able to see any detail of the member’s CCP and so the member’s CCP remains confidential.

Members who have not completed their CCP will be contacted by the College. The registration renewal of a member who remains in a state of CCP non-compliance will not be processed until such time as the deficiency is remedied. In addition, CCP non-compliance is grounds for unprofessional conduct on behalf of the member; this may place the member’s practice permit (and their ability to practice their chosen profession) at risk.

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