Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists

CCP Audits

It is required by the Health Professions Act (HPA) and the Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists Profession Regulation (the Regulation) that all College registrants comply with the requirements of the Continuing Competence Program (CCP).

CCP compliance is required to complete annual Registration Renewal and hold registration with the College.

Audit Process

Annually, in the first business week in July, registrants are randomly chosen for the CCP Audit and notified. The Competence Committee or Registrar may also select registrants:

  1. who demonstrated an unsatisfactory reflective practice review through the previous year’s CCP Audit,
  2. who demonstrated an unwillingness to successfully complete the CCP or CCP Audit.
  3. who declared or demonstrated non-compliance with the CCP or CCP Audit.

The Audit takes place in October.

  • a) Up to 20% of the registrants are audited annually.
  • b) All registrants holding general registration are eligible.
  • c) Selected registrants are audited for the most recently completed CCP cycle.

    College staff will examine selected registrant’s submitted reflective practice review and verify its completeness.

    Any significant missing documentation will be addressed by the College prior to the audit. Registrants requesting exemptions or deferrals will be managed in accordance with the policies of the Competence Committee.

    For more information about the CCP Audit process, see the CCP Manual:

    Questions? Contact Linda O’Hara, Director, Education and Competence, at

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