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In the Continuing Competence Program (CCP), a Self-Reflection is a registrant’s personal evaluation of how a learning activity has impacted some aspect of the registrant’s work duties, interactions with patients and colleagues, or other areas of professional service.

Give examples of how what you’ve learned has affected your practice. Use key phrases such as:

  • “I have used this information to..”
  • “I am now able to implement best practice because..”
  • “This helped me recognize…”

The table below shows some examples of acceptable and unacceptable self-reflections.

Here are some examples to help in your reflection:

Learning ActivityUnacceptable ReflectionsAcceptable Reflections
CPR Recertification
  • Job requirement
  • My boss makes me do it
  • Now that I have recertified my CPR, I am better able to handle or assist in an emergency situation should the need arise
  • I am now more equipped with how to take action should a patient require lifesaving intervention. Despite the hospital having a “code team”, there are still things than should be done immediately while waiting for the code team to arrive and take over.
  • I feel more confident that I can intervene to assist a patient if this becomes necessary.
Regulation Education Module
  • Good to know
  • Helps me meet my CCP hours
  • I was forced to do this by the Hearing Tribunal
  • I am now able to fully understand my responsibilities as a regulated professional which will enhance my professionalism and patient care.
Applications Training
  • Learned how to operate new camera system; learned new software
  • I learned how to operate the new vendor camera system so that I am able to perform the imaging that is required of me when I work at the hospital site at which I am employed.
Course on Cultural Competence
  • I don’t deal with patients and so this has no bearing on my practice
  • Although I do not deal with patients directly, the skills and tools that I have gained through this training will help me in my position as a manager as I manage technologists from many different cultures/backgrounds. It will assist me in understanding cultural trends in communication that will allow me to have more effective conversations with my employees.

The College strives to make the CCP process as simple as we can while ensuring regulatory compliance. We are always here to assist you in meeting your CCP requirements. 

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