If you are registered in the associate register and wish to reinstate your general registration, you may now complete your reinstatement online. You may choose an effective date for your reinstatement up to three months in the future, and if the effective date is January 1, 2021, you will not need to complete a separate renewal. If you would like your reinstatement to take effect in 2020, you will need to complete your renewal for 2021 once your reinstatement is approved. The fee for reinstatement in 2020 is $125 and the fee for reinstatement on January 1, 2021, is $450.

Please note that some of the requirements for associate members reinstating their general registration have changed:

You must also meet all the standard requirements in order to reinstate your general registration, including practice hoursprofessional liability insurance and conduct. You will also need to declare that you complied with the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) for the 2019-20 cycle — you were responsible for completing your CCP if you were registered as a general member at any point from September 2019 to August 2020, so please contact us at registration@acmdtt.com if you’re not sure whether you completed your CCP requirements.

If you have been registered to practice the profession through the College in the past and intend to start practicing the profession in Alberta again, you are required to complete the application for general registration and meet all registration requirements at the time of application.

If you have any questions about reinstating your registration, please feel welcome to contact the College by email at registration@acmdtt.com or by phone at 780.487.6130 or 1.800.282.2165.

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