Would you like to make a positive difference in public protection and the practice of the professions regulated through the ACMDTT? Volunteering on a College committee or Council is a great way to make an impact on how the professions serve Albertans. Meetings are held virtually and in-person when possible. Training, travel and accommodation are provided by the College.

To qualify to be a regulated member of Council, a committee or a hearing tribunal, an individual must be a member of the College in the general register and disclose any association that might be, or might reasonably be seen as being, a conflict in performing the duties of that committee/tribunal. We are looking for individuals who:

  • Can examine facts without bias
  • Abide by strong ethical values
  • Adhere to confidentiality
  • Portray a high degree of professionalism
  • Show fairness and empathy
  • Can look at the whole picture and all the impacts of a decision
  • Are committed to the concept of administrative justice

Details about serving on Council and committees as well as any current openings can be found below. If you are interested in learning about possible future volunteer opportunities with the College, please sign up for notifications using the button below.


Council’s main duty is ensuring that the College carries out its activities and governs its members in a manner that serves the public interest. Council sets the strategic direction of the College, its bylaws and governance policies. Council also ensures compliance with legislated requirements outlined under the Health Professions Act (HPA) and succession planning in the leadership of the organization.

Council consists of six regulated members and six public members appointed by the Alberta government. Council meetings take place five times per year. Each meeting includes ongoing education, mentoring and the opportunity to network with peers from other specialties within the College.

Council has subgroups of members, called workgroups, that focus on different aspects of the Council mandate. Workgroup and meetings typically take place every 6 to 8 weeks by web conference.

The Governance Workgroup monitors and develops governance policies, bylaws and any other documents required by Council from time to time to meet its mandate.

The Finance and Audit Workgroup focuses on the qualitative aspects of financial reporting and organizational process to manage business/financial risk and compliance with all applicable legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements.

The CEO Evaluation Workgroup performs a formal evaluation of the CEO to be presented to Council annually, based on the achievement of the Council’s mandate and non-violation of its Executive Limitations policies.

Current openings on Council: Nominations are now open for one Council position over the 2022 to 2025 term! The College is seeking nominations for members representing any specialty. For more information, please see the Council Nominations page.

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is responsible for considering and making decisions regarding applications for registration referred by the Registrar. One of the main duties of the Registration Committee is considering applications from internationally educated technologists. Meetings are held on workdays up to six times a year (up to four hours per meeting).

Current openings on the Registration Committee: There are currently no openings on the Registration Committee.

Competence Committee

The Competence Committee is responsible for monitoring that individual registered members comply with the requirements of the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) and monitoring the components of the CCP in order to accurately reflect current needs to enhance the provision of professional services. Workshops are held on workdays once a year and a two-day CCP audit meeting takes place every October.

Current openings on the Competence Committee: There are currently no openings on the Competence Committee.

Hearing Tribunal/Complaint Review Committee

The Hearing Tribunal is responsible for holding hearings on allegations of unprofessional conduct, and the Complaint Review Committee is responsible for reviewing and ratifying settlements under the Alternative Complaint Resolution Process and conducting reviews of dismissal of complaints if a review is applied for by the complainant.

Disciplinary hearings and complaint reviews provide a platform to ensure the public’s safety. As a member of the Hearing Tribunal/Complaint Review Committee, you represent your colleagues in standing up for professional and ethical behaviour. The College will provide you with access to training to familiarize yourself with the concepts of administrative justice and your role as a member of the Hearing Tribunal/Complaint Review Committee.

The College does not hold many hearings, so the commitment could be minimal. The time commitment would generally involve a day’s participation in a hearing with additional time for making your decision and debriefing the decision. As part of the Hearing Tribunal/Complaint Review Committee, you will be guided by independent legal counsel to review facts and formulate reasons that will impact the disciplinary orders of non-compliant members. This duty is of great importance with respect to upholding the College’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Current openings on the Hearing Tribunal/Complaint Review Committee: There are currently no openings on the Hearing Tribunal/Complaint Review Committee.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for ensuring a high standard of governance and the continued effectiveness of the College’s Council by encouraging and identifying prospective applicants for vacant Council positions. Members of this committee assess and interview all applicants to ensure they meet the requirements of the HPA, bylaws and Council policy and make recommendations to Council on appointments for vacant positions. Additionally, this committee is charged with maintaining a committee manual that will include a competency matrix to address vacant Council positions, a rubric for assessing applicants, interview questions and a timeline. Meetings are held five to six times per year.

Current openings on the Nominations Committee: There are currently no openings on the Nominations Committee.

Other Volunteering Opportunities

While the majority of the College’s volunteers serve on Council or committees, the College sometimes seeks volunteers for other roles. For example, the College’s branches are run entirely by volunteers, and in the past we have had volunteers help out at College events and serve on advisory committees.

Current other volunteering opportunities: There are currently no other volunteering opportunities.

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