Change to PLI requirement

The College now requires regulated members to hold professional liability insurance (PLI) that covers a minimum of $2,000,000 per occurrence (previously $1,000,000). A review of the most common PLI policies held by our members (e.g., CAMRT, AHS and Medical Imaging Ed) shows that they already meet this new standard; however, all regulated members should verify that their current policy offers sufficient coverage. MRTs and ENPs who work in multiple practice locations should ensure that they have insurance coverage for all the locations in which they practice the profession.

During the annual registration renewal process, you will need to declare that you hold the required PLI. The College encourages all regulated members to hold personal PLI even if you have coverage through your employer. There are risks for regulated members who rely solely on employer insurance, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Employer policies do not always cover expenses such as legal defense in professional disciplinary matters.
  • The employer’s insurance company may sue you for reimbursement of any money they paid out as a result of your actions.
  • Employer PLI does not follow you if you work at multiple sites with more than one employer.
  • When you retire or leave employment, you are no longer covered by your employer PLI but there is a period of time during which patients may still bring a claim against you.
  • Your employer insurance may not cover you for any advice or volunteering you do outside of your work.

Essentially, employer PLI policies generally protect the employer and have limitations that do not necessarily protect the employee. There will be a new declaration during renewal this year that states you are responsible for selecting your PLI provider and understanding the coverage they provide, and that you are aware of the risks of holding only employer PLI.

For more information, please see the Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) page.

Change to PLI requirement
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