New database and member portal go live next month

The College is pleased to announce that a new version of our database and member portal will go live next month after a year of planning, development and testing. We are using the same software as before (Alinity), but a newer version that features necessary security enhancements, a more user-friendly interface and a wider array of member functions, including the following:

  • Member profile updates
  • Paper-free enhanced and additional authorizations
  • Registration renewals

In order to ensure a smooth transition to the new system, everyone who has access to the current system should take a moment to update the information in their current profile by July 17. All information and documents will be transferred to the new database as it goes live. Please keep the following in mind when updating your profile:

  • The email address we have on file when the new system launches will become your username. We strongly recommend you use a personal email address rather than a work email address, and that you check it regularly. The College will use this email address to communicate with you, and these messages may sometimes include sensitive information.
  • Passwords are not case sensitive in the current system, but they are in the new system. Your password will remain the same, so we recommend changing your password now if you’re not sure what case you initially entered.

The launch of the new database and member portal is currently scheduled for July 20. Please note that the member portal and certain services will be unavailable on July 19 as we make the transition from the old system to the new.

We look forward to providing this much-needed upgrade to our members while strengthening our capacity for performing regulatory functions. More features will be added to the new system in the coming months, and we encourage you to bookmark our Member Updates page to stay informed about the latest developments and contact the registration department at if you have any questions or concerns.

New database and member portal go live next month
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