College Update

College Update

Bill 11, Fair Registration Practices Act and Fair Registration Practices Regulation

On June 19, 2019, the government of Alberta introduced Bill 11, Fair Registration Practices Act, through the Ministry of Labour and Immigration. On November 26, 2019, the government of Alberta made the Fair Registration Practices Regulation set out in the Act. This new legislation sets up a Fair Registration Practices Office for the purpose of ensuring registration practices are transparent, objective, impartial, and fair.

Fall 2019 Student Presentations

The Strategic Plan approved by the Council provides the College direction to “connect and inspire members to foster and instill commitment to both the public and the practice of the profession.” In line with this direction, the College has an outreach program for its student members. The program inspires students to get involved in their profession through the conference and participation in branch activity, completing the Regulations Education Module and contacting College staff directly regarding professional practice.

The College met with magnetic resonance, radiological technology, nuclear medicine, diagnostic medical sonography and radiation therapy students at NAIT, SAIT and University of Alberta. Our Director of Education and Competence, Alefiyah Gulamhusein, and Director of Policy and Practice, Ugie Ifesi, delivered presentations and held conversations about the legislative framework, the importance of self-regulation, and the College – the registration process, the continuing competence program, and the complaints process. The event ended with a 15-question Kahoot! game and prizes. Based on the survey collected from all students, the events were successful.

Celebrating MRT Week 2019

From November 3 to 9, 2019, we celebrated the integral role our MRTs play in our healthcare system for MRT Week.

In preparation for MRT Week, we mailed packages to 263 sites across the province that included several posters, tent cards and bookmarks. The tent cards are meant to be displayed in areas where patients will see them so they can learn more about who MRTs are and what they do. We didn’t mention MRT Week on the tent cards in the hopes that they would be displayed longer. Please contact us if you’re interested in receiving more tent cards or bookmarks.

We also posted on Facebook and Twitter every day during MRT Week, each post highlighting a different aspect of the profession. We were very happy with the response to these posts and appreciate all the shares.

While MRT Week is only celebrated once a year, we recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of our MRTs all year round. Thank you for your important contribution to ensuring Albertans receive safe, competent and ethical diagnostic and therapeutic care!

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (DMS) Roster Update

The Alberta DMS Roster managed by this College was launched in the fall of 2017, and it is nearly 1,000 professionals strong. The College would like to encourage DMS who have not yet rostered to volunteer to do so by sending their completed application to the College. For information on rostering and the status of DMS in Alberta, visit our DMS web page.

The College continues to work with Alberta Health to expedite the regulatory changes needed to regulate DMS in Alberta. Mandatory registration/regulation of DMS will start once the regulation comes into effect.

Systems Upgrade

The College’s database required for membership maintenance and management services is scheduled for upgrade in 2020. This upgrade will ensure the continued capacity of the College to serve the public interest and regulatory compliance. It will also offer improved member experience through a redesigned portal providing new options to download permits, receipts, invoices and online applications for registration.

Branch education event: pilot digital broadcast

ACMDTT branches promote the College’s interest in membership services through providing opportunities for education, networking, and discussion. Branch Chairs met during the conference in April 2019 and conceived the idea of collaborating to bring education to members across the province. They worked through the summer to deliver an education event held in Edmonton and streamed live on September 21, 2019, to these sites:

  1. Calgary Foothills Medical Centre
  2. Lethbridge Chinook Regional Hospital
  3. Medicine Hat Regional Hospital
  4. Red Deer Hospital
  5. Valleyview Health Centre
  6. Fort McMurray Northern Lights Health Centre
  7. Grande Cache Community Health Complex
  8. McLennan Sacred Heart Community Health Centre

The College appreciates the enthusiasm and responses from the Branch Chairs and members who attended the event to make this pilot project successful. These collaborative efforts are vital to promoting MRT and ENP professional growth and development and provide excellent network opportunities to the profession. The Chairs are meeting early in the new year to discuss future collaborations.

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