Bill 21 – Registration Changes

Criminal Record Check

As of November 19, 2018, all applicants or former members of the College are required to submit an original criminal record check (CRC) conducted no more than six months before applying to the College. The College currently advises its applicants to contact their local police department to get an original criminal record check, this is usually called a police information check, as the College does not accept record checks conducted by third parties (e.g. private companies).

In addition, applicants are not required to submit a vulnerable sector check, although the College will accept a submitted original vulnerable sector check in place of a criminal record check.

For differences among the various types of criminal background checks, please click here for more information.

Registration application (general and temporary) and renewal declaration

The College has expanded the declaration on its registration forms and annual renewal to comply with these requirements so the information now includes (some of these declarations were already in place):

  1. Are you the subject of a criminal offence or any offence related to the regulation of the practice of the profession;
  2. Have you ever been investigated or subject of a current investigation involving an allegation of professional misconduct in relation to the profession or in another profession in Alberta or in another jurisdiction;
  3. Have you been a subject of a finding of professional misconduct or currently the subject of a proceeding involving an allegation of professional misconduct in relation to the profession or another health profession in Alberta or in another jurisdiction;
  4. Have a judgment in a civil action been brought against you relating to your practice;
  5. Have conditions ever been imposed on your practice permit or equivalent; and
  6. Do you give permission to the College to contact any authority or association in any jurisdiction to verify the above statements?

Registration application forms

The College has amended its ‘general registration’ application form and the ‘registration change form’ with new declarations. Everyone applying for general registration must provide a completed ‘general registration form’, this includes non-practicing associates and resigned/returning members.

The College continues to work its way to full compliance with Bill 21 such as providing mandatory education on new Standards of Practice and establishing a new Patient Relations Program. We will keep you apprised of this evolution so stay tuned.