General Practice Registration

To practice as a medical radiation technologist or electroneurophysiology technologist in the province of Alberta, technologists are required to be registered with the College. For information regarding registration and renewal for technologists, click the following links:


(for technologists not currently holding registration with the College. Click here for more information).

Additional and Enhanced Practice Authorizations

(for members wishing to receive authorization on their practice permit to perform venipuncture, breast ultrasound, needle authorization, intraoperative monitoring, CT and contrast media and/or Ictal SPECT Injection. Click here for more information)

Registration Change

(for members wishing to change their status from full membership to associate membership or from associate membership to full membership. Non-practicing associate membership is most often utilized by members taking an extended leave of absence from their position and will not be working while on leave. Click here for more information)


(a special membership category to which the technologist will be referred by the ACMDTT. Click here for more information).