Temporary Practice Registration

This information is for new graduates who have successfully completed a College-approved educational program but have not successfully completed the approved entry examination (CAMRT or CBRET).  A temporary practice permit allows these graduates to work in the interim.

You may be wondering why you need to be regulated.  Regulation exists to ensure that the standards of the profession are upheld and so that the public may be assured of receiving safe, competent and ethical healthcare.  The model in Alberta is steeped in the Health Professions Act (HPA) and based on the principle of self-regulation.

What is self-regulation?
Self-regulation is when members of profession, based on their knowledge, skills and judgement, are given the privilege to set the standards for the profession – both at entry to and throughout practice.  The HPA mandates that all qualified technologists, in order to practice the profession, must be registered with the College.

A member with a temporary practice permit must practice under the supervision of a regulated member who is required to remain within audible distance and immediately available for assistance. Availability by telephone or pager is not acceptable.

The supervising regulated member:

  • practices in the same area of practice as the person registered in the temporary register, and
  • is physically present and available to assist the person with performing of the restricted activity as needed.

As per this legislation, an individual is required by law to be registered and hold a valid practice permit with the Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists in order to legally practice within a designated specialty. Possession of an active practice permit is required prior to employment start date.

To register for temporary practice:
Please provide:

  • a complete temporary practice application and payment of appropriate fees
  • completion of a criminal record check
  • verification of successful completion of an accepted, accredited program of study in the specific specialty in which you are applying.  This verification must include the official completion date of your program. (this may be provided by your educational program)
  • evidence of professional liability insurance
  • proof of completion of the Regulation Education Module. You will be given log in information once your application is received by the College.

Once your application is complete and approved by the Registrar, the College will send you an email confirming your status as a regulated member of the College.

Additional and Enhanced Practice Authorizations

For applicants wishing to receive additional and/or enhanced practice authorization(s) on their practice permit click here for more information.