Internal Matters – September 2015

President’s Message

It’s autumn and that means change is in the air.  The leaves are a celebration of colour and it’s time for harvest, a collection of the previous seasons work.  I would like to thank the members of Council that have completed their terms: Wendy Read, MRT(T), David Buehler MRT(T), and David Rolfe (public member).  Your dedication and passion helped advance the College to become a leader in medical regulation.  Past-President Wendy Read, you left large shoes (dancing ones) to fill and with the mentorship you so freely gave I’m ready for the challenge.

For the membership that don’t know me, my name is Julie Ritchie, I am a nuclear medicine technologist and I came to this profession later in life.  My previous profession was as an animal health technologist and after 13 years I took the skills I had learned in this career and went back to school.  Best decision ever!  I graduated nuclear medicine technology 10 years ago and love my profession, my job and discovered I enjoy learning about medical regulation and ethics.  I still have a great love for animals of all shapes and sizes, fur or scales, but I now get to play with them rather than work on them.

A new session of Council has started and I would like to welcome Kyla MacLachlan, MRT(R), and Marek Draszka, MRT(NM) to Council; they received orientation and board members were arranged to mentor them through the process.  David Rolfe has generously agreed to stay on until a new public member has been appointed by Alberta Health.  Council met in July and again this month of September with attention on participating in stakeholder consultations on emerging issues, reviewing position statements, and keeping future focused in our discussions about results the College is to achieve to ensure safe, competent, and ethical diagnostic and therapeutic care by our professions.   We also had an education workshop to further our understanding of fiduciary responsibilities in all areas, including financial management.  To see pictures of the session check out the ACMDTT Facebook page.
The next change is one we have all experienced, the closing of the continuing competence cycle.  I hope everyone has taken the opportunity to try the new platform for recording your learning activities – it’s quick and easy!

A robust congratulations to the new graduates starting out on your career paths and greetings to new students starting school and practicum.  Graduates, it’s now your turn to become the preceptor or mentor.

For all members, if you see me out and about please feel free come up to say hi, I would like to meet you.

Julie Ritchie, MRT(NM)
Council President

Conference 2016

ACMDTT/AHS Annual General Conference
April 8 & 9, 2016
Marriott at River Cree Resort, Edmonton AB

NEW to the conference this year

Workshop: Leadership Boot Camp
Are you in a new leadership role? Do you now supervise your former co-workers? Being dropped into a role of leadership is both a compliment and a burden. With expectations coming at you from the top and bottom, it can be a bit overwhelming, too. This workshop is aimed at providing you skills and tools to succeed in your new position:

• Gain insight into what being a leader means for you
• Gain the commitment and cooperation of workers
• Develop your communication toolkit

Learn, laugh and reenergize with master trainers Kim Arsenault and Wendy Wilton. Here is what you can expect:

• Afternoon of education on Friday, April 8, 2016
• Evening wine and cheese networking event at 5:00 p.m.
• Snacks and coffee breaks

Registration fee:
Note Seating is limited to 50 people:
Workshop & networking event  $179 ($229 after February 15, 2016)
Conference one day (includes above) $229 ($329 after February 15, 2016)
Prior booking for workshop is required.

Sonography Sessions

In anticipation of sharing the regulatory umbrella with our diagnostic imaging colleagues in sonography, we are pleased to announce a new stream dedicated to diagnostic medical sonography!

Here is what you can expect:
• Education and networking opportunities on Saturday, April 9, 2016, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
• Attend up to six talks. Credits from the sonography sessions can be used towards CPD requirements with Sonography Canada
• Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided
• Early bird registration fee $229 ($329 after February 15, 2016)

Supported by: ADSA

For more information, please visit our conference website click here.

Renewal Information

It’s annual registration renewal time again.

You can renew your registration online from October 1, 2015. Go to the College website – choose ‘My Profile’ – enter your user ID and password to renew your permit in five easy steps!

Before you enter the online part of the renewal process –

  • If you practiced in 2015, be ready with the number of hours you practiced in 2015 so you can feed this into the renewal system.
  •  If you want to hold a full practice permit in 2016, the system will ask you to declare that you hold the required professional liability insurance (PLI). Ensure you have PLI through your employer or renewed your CAMRT membership so you say “yes” to this declaration.
  • The registration fee in 2016 for a full practice permit is $450 and associate status is $100.

After you completed the online part of renewal process –

  • If you have an enhanced practice or additional authorization, remember to renew it separately by sending your completed form to the College (it has to be signed by your supervisor).
  • College staff will review the data you have provided online, and email you to confirm that you have completed your 2016 renewal or let you know what is needed to do so.
  • Upon receiving the College email, you can login to your profile and access your new practice permit and tax receipt.

Remember to save your 2016 practice permit on your smart device or print a hard copy for display as needed at all times.

The deadline for completing the annual registration renewal and submitting all applicable fees is December 1, 2015. Renewal information received after this date is subject to a $50 administrative fee. If the registrant has not completed the renewal process and paid the fees by December 31, the individual’s registration with the College will be cancelled without further notice. The College will notify the individual’s employer of this cancellation.

Questions or concerns –
Contact the renewal hotline at 780.487.6130 or

Award Nominations Open

Award Nominations Open October 1!

We have all thought about it, but this year, take some time to nominate a co-worker, educator or student for an award.  Many people are deserving of professional recognition in an area in which they excel ranging from patient care to continuing education.
Please take a look at the list below of some of the Awards given each year by the College and start thinking about a deserving recipient.

If you have any questions regarding these awards, please contact Dacia Richmond, Director of Education at 780.487.6130 ext. 226; 1.800.282.2165 or via email Nomination forms are available on the website.

Some of the Awards are…
Excellence in Professional Collaboration: in recognition of the increasing multidisciplinary nature of our professions, this award was created to honour a healthcare team consisting of at least one full member in good standing with the College.  The honoured team will embody the concept of professional collaboration, either solely within the specialties of the College or with those of other professionals within the healthcare environment. This team will have contributed to a common goal related to professional practice either technically or with humanity which has had a positive impact on the profession.

Professional Excellence in Leadership: for those who demonstrate professional excellence in leadership; provide guidance and mentorship to colleagues; lead by example demonstrating respect, integrity and professionalism; foster a positive working environment and promote effective relationships within the healthcare environment.

Professional Excellence in Patient Care: for those who demonstrate professional excellence in direct patient care; demonstrate outstanding abilities in the delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic services; foster a healthy culture of respect and integrity within healthcare; advocate for quality patient care and facilitates a safe working environment and inspire confidence and trust in patients.

George C. Hall Invitational Address: this honouree is chosen to speak at the College’s annual awards luncheon.  This award, now through a nomination process, is bestowed to someone who has influenced the growth of the profession in clinical practice, education, research and/or administration.

Herbert M. Welch Memorial Award: for dedication and service and for those who have made a significant contribution to the outstanding growth of the profession.

Joan Graham Award: for those who impart shared learning in the form of continuing education and encourages continuing competence

Carol Van Velzer Memorial Award: for an electroneurophysiology technologist (ENP) who presents an exhibit or platform presentation of excellence related to the field of electroneurophysiology at an ENP Branch Meeting.  Please contact Branch Chair, Angie Sarnelli, ENP ( to arrange a presentation.

ACMDTT Honorary Life Membership: to honour an individual whose professional activities have promoted the profession provincially and/or nationally and whose leadership serves to motivate others to become involved in professional activities.

Student Leadership Awards:  for senior year students, in each specialty, who showcase leadership skills, professionalism and involvement in the profession in the early stages of their careers. Students are required to apply for this award, so encourage them today!

CCP News
New Continuing Competence Program Cycle started September 1!

The Competence Committee is the group of members who have volunteered with the College to oversee the Continuing Competence Program. As you know, the committee undertook a review of the program in April 2014 and made some changes to the program for this cycle. Overall, the changes to the CCP are minimal but responsive to member feedback and changes in regulatory documentation.

The first full cycle of the new CCP is from September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016.  At this time, the use of the online platform is mandatory for all members.

Remind me of the changes.  What do I have to do now?
At this time, full members are required to complete the new self-assessment of practice whose framework is based on the College’s Standards of Practice (2014).  This change in the self-assessment is of an advantage to all members as:
• It is reflective of practice at varying levels and is directly applicable to clinical staff, educators and management/administrators alike
• Those members with a practice permit in more than one specialty now need only complete one self-assessment
• It is directly applicable to all members from graduation to those with 50 years’ experience

Members must also add to their personal learning plan by identifying possible learning activities through which they may meet the learning objectives that they have set for the current CCP cycle.  This may be as simple as identifying a course, conference or textbook which will aid the member in achieving the learning.

Now that I have to record everything online, how do I log in?
The new My CCP platform has been launched. Members may access this from the home page of the College’s website through the portal called My CCP.  If you have not yet logged in, your username is your ACMDTT registration number and your password is defaulted to your last name.  Once you are logged in, please change your password so that your CCP remains confidential.  As a reminder, the College has no access to the CCP records kept on this site.

Effective September 1, 2015, all members of the College must utilize this system for CCP records. No paper copies of CCP forms will be available. The College will make every effort to accommodate individuals unable to complete the CCP as designed.

As the transition of from one program to another involves some significant changes, questions are inevitable.  Please do not hesitate to contact the College.  Dacia Richmond, Director of Education may be reached by phone 780.487.6130 ext. 226; toll free 1.800.282.2165 or via email

CCP Audit 2015
The audit of your continuing competence program for the CCP cycle September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015 is scheduled for October 1-2, 2015.  For those of you that are being audited this year, the Competence Committee will be hard at work evaluating your submitted documents for these two full days. You will receive notification of your audit result soon after.

MRT Week
Mark Your Calendars!
MRT Week – November 8-14, 2015
The annual MRT Week celebration provides an opportunity for medical radiation technologists (MRTs) in Canada to demonstrate pride in their profession and to convey important messages about the role that MRTs play in the healthcare system. Effectively presented, these will resonate with colleagues, patients and the general public long after MRT Week is over. MRT Week offers occasions for both celebration and recognition of professional accomplishment as well as education for the public and healthcare colleagues about the profession of medical radiation technology and the important role that MRTs play in medical imaging and therapeutic treatment.

The College will again be teaming up with CAMRT to effectively engage MRT practitioners, other healthcare disciplines and the general population in recognizing who we are and what we do!  Take an active role in promoting your profession.  Introduce yourself as an MRT to your patients and tell them about the specialized expertise you bring to their healthcare!

Think about planning activities that motivate your staff and educate other members of the healthcare team about your role – for example host a guest speaker over a brown bag lunch or coffee break or give out instant awards recognizing innovation in programs or services in your workplace. Brighten the day by creating a colourful visual display with MRT Week posters and giveaways to educate your peers and patients in the workplace about what you do. Make a presentation to students about the rewards of a career in medical radiation technology.

• The College will be sending out MRT Week posters to all facilities for display during MRT Week.  This poster showcases the four specialties of medical radiation technology, and is a great way to draw attention to the celebration of the MRT profession. The posters create a great focal point in waiting rooms, offices, educational institutions and displays.
• Other promotional tools are available for members to order, free of charge from the CAMRT website. While most of these tools are aimed at highlighting MRT Week, they can be used year-round to promote dialogue with patients and the public, create awareness and foster pride in the profession.  Check the CAMRT website for more great ideas on how to promote MRT Week and beyond!
MRT Week is your chance to be in the limelight! The College encourages all members to start planning their activities to further support and advance the field of medical radiation technology.

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week – October 4-10, 2015

This year’s theme: Half-Lives…Making Lives Whole
The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) and SNMMI-TS join forces with the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging community to gain recognition and support for the field. Nuclear Medicine Week encourages community members to take pride in their profession – recognizing their colleagues for their hard work and promoting nuclear medicine to the entire medical community as well as to the public.
Nuclear Medicine Week allows physicians, technologists, scientists, and others involved in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging to take a proactive role in the advancement of the field. From advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment to recent breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s and dementia research, nuclear medicine is improving lives—and it is up to us to educate others on these major healthcare innovations.

The theme for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week varies from year to year, but the goal is always the same: pride in what nuclear medicine and molecular imaging have brought to the healthcare environment over the years.

Registrar In Session
Professional Excellence in Leadership Award

Runell Viray, MRT(R)

The recipient of the 2015 Professional Excellence in Leadership Award has embodied leadership through his rise through the profession from floor technologist to the cath lab, supervisor, manager, regulator, DI Director, and now Interim Site Executive Director for a hospital within AHS.  While consistently showing respect for all he meets, his enthusiasm is contagious and has created a bond within his department as he strives to bring the “team” together.  Through his inclusive leadership style, his opinions and knowledge are sought out and respected in the workplace.  All the while, he currently works to expand this knowledge base through the upcoming completion of his MBA studies.  Runell leads by example, being involved at all levels of the profession: from the daily grind to sitting and contributing on both provincial and national MRT committees and initiatives.

Regulation 101

What is the Public Member’s Role?

The Health Professions Act provides that twenty five percent (25%) of the voting members of a Council, a complaint review committee and a hearing tribunal must be public members.

Each of Alberta’s regulated health professions well understands and supports its role in governing its members in a manner which protects the public.  Public Members are volunteers appointed by government to assist a profession in doing this. They do so by enhancing the College’s ability to balance the values and interests of its members with those of the public to help it to act fairly, adhere to statutory or legal requirements and develop and foster appropriate professional standards.

Our College has three public members appointed by the Minister of Health to sit on our Council.

Deciding Factor

Scenario from June 2015

Jason is a radiological technologist working in a tertiary hospital site.  During restructuring of the department, new tasks, previously completed by nursing staff, are being proposed for the technologist to perform.  Jason and his coworkers are not comfortable with this change and are unsure whether they fall within their scope of practice.

Questions to be asked:
Who should Jason contact about his concerns?
Jason should first speak with his supervisors and managers about the new tasks to clarify what will be expected and how this new learning will be achieved.

Can Jason and his coworkers perform these new tasks?
A scope of practice is never static. Healthcare professionals are constantly challenged to evolve their practice in order to effectively provide safe and competent healthcare for Albertans. However, as a self-regulated professional, one must ensure that new tasks are appropriate to the practice setting and that the practitioner is “educated, authorized and competent” to perform it.

In this scenario the three attributes above must be considered. If the task is a restricted activity, Jason and his employer will need to contact the College to discuss appropriateness and any further steps to enable authorization. Even if no additional authorization is required, Jason and his coworkers must ensure that they have the education and competence to perform these tasks safely and effectively.

What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?
Here are a few indicators which apply to this situation from a regulatory perspective:
• Indicator 1.2d – possess the necessary competence to perform the procedure safely, effectively and ethically
• Indicator 2.1c – perform restricted activities only as authorized according to the regulations of the College
• Indicator 2.3c – be responsible and accountable for safely performing the restricted activity

New Scenario
Stephanie is a medical radiation technologist who has just moved from Manitoba to become the manager for diagnostic imaging at a site in Alberta.  Stephanie will be responsible for clinic oversight, HR duties and performance reviews of floor supervisors.

Questions to be asked:
• Must Stephanie hold full registration with the College?
• If so, why does she need to be registered?
• What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?

Volunteers Required for Nominating Committee

Volunteers Needed

The Nominating Committee needs up to two volunteers.
ACMDTT Council is looking for up to two regulated members to join the Nominating Committee for a two year term, starting this fall.
This committee is responsible for creating a slate of regulated member nominees for Council positions.

Submit your name c/o the nominating committee chair to by Friday, October 16, 2015.

Infection Prevention and Control

The release of Alberta Health’s refreshed Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Strategy – Update:  2015 which will replace Alberta Health’s IPC Strategy (2008) and Alberta Health’s Hand Hygiene Strategy (2008).   The 2015 Update is posted on the Government of Alberta website at .

The refreshed IPC Strategy builds upon existing accomplishments and is updated to better reflect Alberta’s current health system and emerging IPC issues.

The key changes to the 2015 Update include:
• Establishment of a provincial IPC Leadership Committee to provide IPC direction and to oversee implementation of the IPC Strategy.
• Clearly defined roles and actions for Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and the Health Profession Regulatory Colleges.
• The integration of the Hand Hygiene Strategy into the IPC Strategy to provide a more holistic approach to IPC.

Branch News
Peace Country Branch
Branch Chair: Nancy Babineau, MRT(R) (

The Branch would like to put out a call for volunteers for those interested in participating with the Branch Executive.  Member participation is essential to ensure that educational and networking opportunities are available to those in the Branch.  These volunteers can be from anywhere in the Peace Country Branch area!

Education Day: October 3, 2015

Locations: Grande Prairie (Virene Bldg Public Health Centre – Large Conf. Room) and Fort McMurray (Sunset Room) with videoconference between the sites

Satellite Sites:  Other sites are signing up to be involved as well.  Please contact to make sure your site is involved!

Edmonton Branch
Branch Chair: Kathy Dudycz, MRT(R) (

Watch your inbox for information on how to register for the upcoming Education Day.

Education Day: October 24, 2015, Bernard Snell Hall (UAH)

Parkland Branch
Branch Chair: Jeff Christenson, MRT(R) (

Next Meeting: TBA

Calgary Branch
Branch Chair: Chantal McGeough, MRT(MR) (

Education Day: November 14, 2015

Location:  Foothills Medical Centre

Further details to follow

Southern Alberta Branch
Branch Chair: Kaitlyn Svistovski, MRT(T) (

Education Day: TBA

ENP Branch
Branch Chair: Angie Sarnelli, ENP (

Education Day: October 17, 2015, Red Deer Regional Hospital

Did You Know?
• That it is now mandatory for all registrants to provide an email address to the College. Confidential and sensitive information is sent by email, so please ensure that you provide an email address that is secure and checked frequently.
• That registration renewal opens October 1st and must be completed by December 1st
• The College will be sending out MRT Week posters to all facilities for display during MRT Week