Internal Matters – September 2016

President’s Message

Wow! I can’t believe it is already September, did the summer ever fly by! Council has been extremely busy. As you know, we bid farewell to our outgoing CEO/Registrar, Kathy Hilsenteger at the end of June. Council had hired the HR firm, Pekarsky & Co. back in April which really helped get Council on the right track to undertake the huge task of finding a new CEO/Registrar. The extensive search took 21 weeks and we had 100 applicants. I am happy to report that after many hours of interviews a candidate emerged from that group, whom the Council CEO selection workgroup agreed on unanimously. ACMDTT would like to extend a warm welcome to Karen Stone, BA, LLB, LLM as new CEO/Registrar. We truly believe that Karen’s expertise in government relations and her background in non-profit organizations will continue the College’s legacy of professionalism and leadership. I would also like to recognize Pree Tyagi, Deputy Registrar, who really stepped up to fill in the role of Interim CEO/Registrar over the summer. Pree your dedication to the College is so appreciated! Staff member, Pam Armitage, Executive Assistant, achieved a milestone anniversary of 10 years with the College! Thank you Pam for your commitment to regulation!

On a personal note, in addition to the CEO search over the last six months, I was also co-captain of the Central Alberta Cancer Centre’s bike team in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, which happened August 6 and 7, 2016 in Calgary. Our small team of 25 riders raised just shy of $90,000 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation and rode over 220 km in two days. I am so proud of the efforts of our team which consisted of health care providers, members of the public and cancer patients! I encourage you all to consider joining the ride in 2017.

Council will be meeting in mid-September for the first time with Karen at the helm, as well as we have three new Council members who will be joining the board table. Jennifer DiNucci, MRT(MR), Cristene van Schagen, MRT(R), and Krystal Wall, MRT(R)…Welcome! ACMDTT will also continue to work on the details of bringing in our newest friends, diagnostic medical sonographers to the College in 2017. Lots of exciting changes and opportunities in the near future! As always, Council welcomes feedback from members and would encourage all members to consider becoming involved in some capacity with the College. It is a unique opportunity to understand the intricacies of a self regulating professional body and to ensure that the people of Alberta continue to receive safe, ethical and competent care.

Registrar In Session

I would like to express what a great delight and privilege I feel at being selected to serve the ACMDTT and its associated professions as your Chief Executive Officer/Registrar. I respect the work that you do immensely, and I know with great conviction that the privilege of serving a regulatory body such as the ACMDTT doesn’t just emanate from protecting the interests of the public (although this is an extremely important component), but also from enhancing and ensuring the recognition of the professions associated with the College, through upholding exemplary standards and ensuring a responsive, well trained, and competent profession. I take this very seriously, and assure the membership of the College that I am here to serve. As professionals, what you do is essential, and if we can assist in making sure that your work is better supported and recognized, while adhering to our statutory obligations, we will.

The ACMDTT is built on a solid foundation of infrastructure, with an exemplary record of meeting its statutory obligations. I would like to personally recognize Kathy Hilsenteger, the former CEO/Registrar for all the work that she did in establishing the College at its inception, and building it into the position of respect and credibility that it carries today. This could not have been achieved without the strength and diligence of your peers, who represented your interests on the Council, and built the policies that shape the work of the College.

I was eager to become involved with the College because of my enthusiasm for the professions regulated within the scope of the College. The work of the College also represents congruence with my own training and value system. I was a Human Rights Lawyer in South Africa over 20 years ago, and my work in South Africa, which was a country that underwent transformative change at the macro-level shaped the ethos of all that I involve myself in. I pride myself on fairness, integrity and a deep abiding respect for people with whom I come into contact. I have spent the last 13 years in senior leadership positions within the provincial and national contexts within Canada. Within this Canadian context, I have acquired many skills and connections that enhance my formative legal training. Beyond this, I have trained and developed, and worked with Boards of Governors throughout my professional life, so I have a high level of comfort in working with your Council and meeting the desired outcomes of their deliberations. I have worked at creating and establishing provincial and national networks and linkages, and developing policy to achieve improved outcomes. These are all skills and experiences that will serve you well, as I fulfill my obligations as CEO/Registrar.

Through my ageing parents, I believe that I have experienced nearly all of the modalities within the College, as my parents have had to navigate their increasingly complex health issues. I have experienced first hand what it feels like to need to know what diagnosis can drive what treatment regime, and how important this vital information generated by the technologists is, to our general health and wellbeing. I recognize that there is an evolving environment within which many of you work, and your College needs to be alive to those shifts and ensure that you are able to meet those changes with confidence and clarity.

I have no desire to espouse my lengthy resume in this newsletter. Instead I invite you to connect with us. Meet me in person. Talk to us about how you interact with the College beyond the obligations that meet our legal requirements. Share with us ideas on how we might serve you better. Share with us the thoughts and ideas that you might have on your specific modality and how you envisage the future unfolding around that profession. Keep us informed of issues affecting your profession. Help us to ensure that we remain a vital resource, and a strong champion for your work. Assist us on meeting the requirements of the Health Professions Act and serve with us on operational and regulatory committees – we are your College – build a vision of the future with us.

Karen Stone, BA, LLB, LLM

Awards Nominations Open

It’s that time again…Award Nominations Open October 1!

We have all thought about it, but this year, take some time to nominate a co-worker, educator or student for an award. Many people are deserving of professional recognition in an area in which they excel ranging from patient care to continuing education.

Please take a look at the list below of some of the Awards given each year by the College and start thinking about a deserving recipient. If you have any questions regarding these awards, please contact Dacia Richmond, Director of Education at 780.487.6130 ext. 226; 1.800.282.2165 or via email Nomination forms are available on the website.

Some of the Awards are…

Excellence in Professional Collaboration: in recognition of the increasing multidisciplinary nature of our professions, this award was created to honour a healthcare team consisting of at least one full member in good standing with the College.  The honoured team will embody the concept of professional collaboration, either solely within the specialties of the College or with those of other professionals within the healthcare environment. This team will have contributed to a common goal related to professional practice either technically or with humanity which has had a positive impact on the profession.

Professional Excellence in Leadership: for those who demonstrate professional excellence in leadership; provide guidance and mentorship to colleagues; lead by example demonstrating respect, integrity and professionalism; foster a positive working environment and promote effective relationships within the healthcare environment.

Professional Excellence in Patient Care: for those who demonstrate professional excellence in direct patient care; demonstrate outstanding abilities in the delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic services; foster a healthy culture of respect and integrity within healthcare; advocate for quality patient care and facilitates a safe working environment and inspire confidence and trust in patients.

George C. Hall Invitational Address: this honouree is chosen to speak at the College’s annual awards luncheon. This award, now through a nomination process, is bestowed to someone who has influenced the growth of the profession in clinical practice, education, research and/or administration.

Herbert M. Welch Memorial Award: for dedication and service and for those who have made a significant contribution to the outstanding growth of the profession.

Joan Graham Award: for those who impart shared learning in the form of continuing education and encourages continuing competence

Carol Van Velzer Memorial Award: for an electroneurophysiology technologist (ENP) who presents an exhibit or platform presentation of excellence related to the field of electroneurophysiology at an ENP Branch Meeting. Please contact Branch Chair, Angie Sarnelli, ENP ( to arrange a presentation.

ACMDTT Honorary Life Membership: to honour an individual whose professional activities have promoted the profession provincially and/or nationally and whose leadership serves to motivate others to become involved in professional activities.

Student Leadership Awards: for senior year students, in each specialty, who showcase leadership skills, professionalism and involvement in the profession in the early stages of their careers. Students are required to apply for this award, so encourage them today!

CCP News

New Continuing Competence Program Cycle started September 1!

The current CCP cycle is from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017. Remember, the use of the online platform is mandatory for all members.  If you have trouble accessing the site, please contact the College.

What must I complete?

Full members are required to complete:

  • self-assessment of practice whose framework is based on the College’s Standards of Practice (2014).
  • personal learning plan including identifying possible learning activities through which they may meet the learning objectives that they have set for the current CCP cycle.
  • learning activities – two hours for each month, or part thereof, for which they have held full membership.

I’m new, how do I log in?

Members may access the online platform from the home page of the College’s website through the portal called My CCP.  If you have not yet logged in, your username is your ACMDTT registration number and your password is defaulted to your last name.  Once you are logged in, please change your password so that your CCP remains confidential.  As a reminder, the College has no access to the CCP records kept on this site.

Questions about the CCP and your requirements are inevitable. Please do not hesitate to contact the College.  Dacia Richmond, Director of Education may be reached by phone 780.487.6130 ext. 226; toll free 1.800.282.2165 or via email

CCP Audit 2016

The audit of your continuing competence program for the CCP cycle September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016 is scheduled for October 13-14, 2016. For those of you that are being audited this year, the Competence Committee will be hard at work evaluating your submitted documents for these two full days. You will receive notification of your audit result soon after.

Nominating Committee Volunteer

The Nominating Committee requires one volunteer.

ACMDTT Council is looking for one regulated member to join the Nominating Committee for a two year term, starting this fall.

This committee is responsible for creating a slate of regulated member nominees for Council positions.

Submit your name c/o the Nominating Committee to by Friday, October 14, 2016

Renewal Information

It’s annual registration renewal time again

You can renew your registration online from October 1, 2016. Go to the College website – choose ‘My Profile’ – enter your user ID and password to renew your permit in five easy steps!

Before you enter the online part of the renewal process, please have the following ready:  

  • If you practiced in 2016, you will need to know the number of hours you practiced in 2016 so you can feed this into the renewal system.
  • If you want to hold a full practice permit in 2017, the system will ask you to declare that you hold the required professional liability insurance (PLI). Ensure you have PLI through your employer or renewed your CAMRT membership so you say “yes” to this declaration.

After you have completed the online part of renewal process

  • If you have an enhanced practice or additional authorization, remember to renew it separately by sending your completed form to the College (it has to be signed by your supervisor) by December 1, 2016.
  • College staff will review the data you have provided online, and email you to confirm that you have completed your 2017 renewal or let you know what is needed to do so.
  • Upon receiving the College email, you can login to your profile and access your new practice permit and tax receipt.

The registration fee in 2017 for a full practice permit is $450 and associate status is $100. Remember to save your 2017 practice permit on your smart device or print a hard copy for display as needed at all times.

The deadline for completing the annual registration renewal and submitting all applicable fees is December 1, 2016. Renewal information received after this date is subject to a $50 administrative fee. If the registrant has not completed the renewal process and paid the fees by December 31, 2016, their 2017 registration with the College will be suspended without further notice. The College will notify the registrant’s employer of this cancellation.

Any questions or concerns?

Contact the renewal hotline at 780.487.6130 or

Deciding Factor

Scenario from June 2016

Jennifer is a nuclear medicine technologist who works in a busy department in one of Alberta’s trauma centres. She has received a requisition to perform a bone scan on a 14 year old girl in follow up to osteomyelitis.  A bone scan was performed just last week in a department across town.  Jennifer is wondering if this is an appropriate scan to perform.

Questions to be asked:

What is Jennifer’s professional responsibility in this case?

Jennifer should take a full clinical history, including any events in the past two weeks, and present it to the supervising radiologist/nuclear medicine physician with the information, and possible images/report, from the most recent scan and preceding ones, if applicable.

Should Jennifer perform the repeat bone scan?

It is not Jennifer’s responsibility to decide if the scan should be performed or not, but Jennifer should discuss this with the physician and understand why the decision was made either way.

What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?

Here are a few indicators which apply to this situation from a regulatory perspective:

Indicator 1.2b – obtain relevant patient history

Indicator 1.2k – identify and communicate with the appropriate health care provider any procedural concerns

Indicator 2.5d – utilize information and archival systems as authorized, and only as required, for the provision of services specific to the regulated member’s patients

Indicator 3.1b – consult with other professionals, as required, to facilitate timely, appropriate and effective practice

Indicator 4.2g – seek clarification of orders where a patient safety issue has been identified

Indicator 4.2j – apply the principles of as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA)

New Scenario

Mark is a relatively new graduate who is working at the clinic with a temporary practice permit. Mark wrote the CAMRT exam in September but found out in October that he was not successful.

Question to be asked:

  • What does Mark do now?
  • What type of practice permit does he need now and for renewal?
  • What does he do once he passes the exam (hopefully in January)?
  • What Standards of Practice apply to this scenario?  

Regulation 101

Members who are working on a temporary practice permit (TPP) have passed an entry-to-practice program of study but have not yet passed the certification exam (i.e., CAMRT or CBRET). As they have not yet completed all aspects of what is required to have a full practice permit, they must work under some regulated conditions. These are related directly to their supervision while performing the restricted activities listed in the Government Organization Act.  As per the regulation, these TPP members must:

  • practice under the supervision of a regulated College member who is registered in the same area of practice (i.e., radiological technology; nuclear medicine technology); AND
  • the supervising regulated College member must be physically present to assist in the performance of the restricted activities if the TPP member needs assistance.

Once the TPP member passes the certification exam, they must apply for a full practice permit. Once they hold a full permit, the condition of supervision is lifted and they may practice autonomously while adhering to the responsibilities of a regulated member of the College.

Weeks of Celebration

Mark Your Calendars!

MRT Week – November 6-12, 2016

The annual MRT Week celebration provides an opportunity for medical radiation technologists (MRTs) in Canada to demonstrate pride in their profession and to convey important messages about the role that MRTs play in the healthcare system. Remember, MRTs include radiological, nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance technologists as well as radiation therapists. Effectively presented, these messages will resonate with colleagues, patients and the general public long after MRT Week is over. MRT Week offers occasions for both celebration and recognition of professional accomplishment as well as education for the public and healthcare colleagues about the profession of medical radiation technology and the important role that MRTs play in medical imaging and therapeutic treatment.

The College will again be teaming up with CAMRT to effectively engage MRT practitioners, other healthcare disciplines and the general population in recognizing who we are and what we do! Take an active role in promoting your profession. Introduce yourself as an MRT to your patients and tell them about the specialized expertise you bring to their healthcare!

Think about planning activities that motivate your staff and educate other members of the healthcare team about your role – for example host a guest speaker over a brown bag lunch or coffee break or give out instant awards recognizing innovation in programs or services in your workplace. Brighten the day by creating a colourful visual display with MRT Week posters and giveaways to educate your peers and patients in the workplace about what you do. Make a presentation to students about the rewards of a career in medical radiation technology.


  • The College will be sending out MRT Week posters to all facilities for display during MRT Week. This poster showcases the four specialties of medical radiation technology, and is a great way to draw attention to the celebration of the MRT profession. The posters create a great focal point in waiting rooms, offices, educational institutions and displays.
  • Other promotional tools are available for members to order, free of charge from the CAMRT website. While most of these tools are aimed at highlighting MRT Week, they can be used year-round to promote dialogue with patients and the public, create awareness and foster pride in the profession. Check the CAMRT website for more great ideas on how to promote MRT Week and beyond!

MRT Week is your chance to be in the limelight! The College encourages all members to start planning their activities to further support and advance the field of medical radiation technology.

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week – October 2-8, 2016

This year’s theme: Half-Lives…Making Lives Whole

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) and SNMMI-Technologist Section join forces with the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging community to gain recognition and support for the field. Nuclear Medicine Week encourages community members to take pride in their profession – recognizing their colleagues for their hard work and promoting nuclear medicine to the entire medical community as well as to the public.

Nuclear Medicine Week allows physicians, technologists, scientists and others involved in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging to take a proactive role in the advancement of the field. From advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment to recent breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s and dementia research, nuclear medicine is improving lives—and it is up to us to educate others on these major healthcare innovations.

The theme for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week varies from year to year, but the goal is always the same: pride in what nuclear medicine and molecular imaging have brought to the healthcare environment over the years.


Sonography Week – October 3-9, 2016

We are pleased to welcome our diagnostic medical sonographer colleagues under our regulatory umbrella. More information coming soon!

Branch News

Peace Country Branch

Branch Chair:    Tunde Bodi, MRT(R) (

The Branch would like to put out a call for volunteers for those interested in participating with the Branch Executive. Member participation is essential to ensure that educational and networking opportunities are available to those in the Branch.  These volunteers can be from anywhere in the Peace Country Branch area!

Education Day:  TBA

Edmonton Branch

Branch Chair:    Kathy Dudycz, MRT(R) (

Education Day:  October 22, 2016, Robbins Learning Centre (RAH)

Further information, including registration, will be provided to Branch members via email. Watch your inbox!

Parkland Branch

Branch Chair:    Jeff Christenson, MRT(R) (
Next Meeting:    TBA

Calgary Branch

Branch Chair:    Gina McRae, MRT(R) (

Education Day:  November 5, 2016, Foothills Medical Centre

Southern Alberta Branch

Branch Chair:    Carmen Lowry, MRT(R) (

Education Day:  TBA

ENP Branch

Branch Chair:    Angie Sarnelli, ENP (

Education Day:  October 1, 2016, Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre

Did you Know?

-That it is now mandatory for all registrants to provide an email address to the College. Confidential and sensitive information is sent by email, so please ensure that you provide an email address that is secure and checked frequently.

-That registration renewal opens October 1st and must be completed by December 1st

-Felix Bloch and Edward Purcell independently discovered the magnetic resonance phenomena and were later awarded the Nobel Prize in 1952.