Continuing Competence

The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) is a mandatory component of registration as outlined in the Health Professions Act and the Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists Profession Regulation. The CCP requires that a regulated member complete, in each registration year, a reflective practice review. Non-compliance with the requirements of the CCP is deemed unprofessional conduct and could place a member’s practice permit at risk. Continued non-compliance could lead to suspension of the permit.

The annual cycle for the CCP begins September 1 and continues through to August 31 of the following year.

Required CCP Hours

The number of hours required for members depends on their register and the number of months they hold general registration during a CCP cycle.

General members

Members having held general registration for an entire cycle of the CCP are required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of learning.

Members registered in two or more specialties are required to complete one CCP. Within this program, it is the member’s discretion as to the subject matter on which the reflective learning is accomplished.

General members for less than 12 months

Members who have not held general registration for an entire CCP cycle are required to complete learning for those months, or part thereof, in which they held a full permit during the CCP cycle. For a breakdown of required hours, please see the chart below.

First Month of Registration Months with Full Practice Permit Total Required CCP Hours
September 12 24
October 11 22
November 10 20
December 9 18
January 8 16
February 7 14
March 6 12
April 5 10
May 4 8
June 3 6
July 2 4
August 1 2
Members with temporary practice permits

Members practicing with a temporary practice permit (TPP) are not required to participate in the CCP for the months in which they hold a TPP. However, it is highly encouraged that these members partake in reflective learning during this time.

Program Documentation

In each CCP cycle, a member is required to complete a reflective practice review. This process provides guidance to help us turn past events into learning experiences.

Documentation of your continuing competence activities (and other relevant information) is an official record that tangibly demonstrates that you have met the CCP requirements.

Program Compliance

In each CCP cycle, a member must complete all three components of the reflective practice review (self-assessment, learning plan and reflective learning). A member must record all aspects of the CCP on the My CCP platform prior to the conclusion of the cycle.

Retention of Records

Your reflective practice review (including self-assessment, learning plan, records of CCP activities and any supporting documentation) must be kept for five years as evidence of your activities. Records kept on the My CCP platform are kept beyond this requirement.

For more details about the CCP, please see the pages below and feel welcome to contact Linda O’Hara, Director, Education and Competence, at if you have any questions.


CCP Overview

CCP Audits


Learning Resources


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