ACMDTT’s Interim CEO and Complaints Director Welcomed

Leadership stability is integral to excellent organizational management. As such, with our current Registrar and CEO’s term ending soon, an interim CEO and a Complaints Director have been selected by the Council of the Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists (the College).

Beginning March 1, we’re pleased to welcome our interim Registrar and CEO, Sheila Steger. Sheila has recent experience as a CEO in Alberta’s health regulatory field. With her extensive background in leadership, change management, and board governance, we are confident she will provide excellent managerial continuity over the coming months.

Also, Susan vander Heide will act as our interim Complaints Director, working alongside our Complaints Manager and Hearings Director. We’re glad to add her comprehensive experience in conduct management with health regulators to our team.

This interim leadership will continue while the College pursues a permanent replacement.

ACMDTT’s Interim CEO and Complaints Director Welcomed
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