New Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct course released

Bill 21: An Act to Protect Patients introduced significant amendments to the Health Professions Act, providing specific guidance and requirements to regulated health professions for preventing and addressing sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct towards patients.

The Alberta Federation of Regulated Health Professions has launched a new educational course, Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct, to help regulated health professionals understand and comply with Bill 21.

The Continuing Competence Committee considers this learning essential for members and has determined this course and its quizzes may be counted for up to 4 hours per CCP cycle. At the end of the course, you may print/upload the resulting certificate as part of your records. This government-funded course replaces the interim step the College had taken through the learning module that you have seen on our website so far.

Learn more about this course or contact us if you have any questions.