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Notice: CCP Non-Compliance Levy effective Sept. 1, 2024 

As part of our Strategic Plan to ensure regulatory best practices, we recently reviewed the College’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP) and found that a significant number of registrants are not completing the program on time.  

Therefore, Council has approved a registration levy of $150 for those who have not satisfactorily completed their CCP by the August 31 deadline. The levy is effective September 1, 2024.  

This notice is to ensure compliance with Bylaw 30(3), which requires at least 60 days’ advance notification before a levy change.  

Completing the CCP  

A registrant’s professional responsibility is to comply with the Health Professions Act. This includes completing their annual CCP, including:  

  • Completing their self-assessment.  
  • Completing two learning objectives from two different standards. At least one of the identified learning objectives must match one of their learning activities. All three fields of the learning objectives must be completed. 
  • Completing each learning activity by completing all fields in the template. The self-reflection must give examples of how the learning activities have impacted their practice. 
  • Completing two learning hours per month of registration. (The annual CCP cycle is from September 1 to August 31, and you must complete two (2) learning hours for every month you were registered during that period.) 

Paying the Levy 

Those found to be non-compliant must complete their CCP before paying the levy. The levy can be paid before or at the same time as the annual Renewal fee. Any fees or levies incurred during the registration year must be paid before the approval of Registration Renewal.  

If paying the levy at the same time as Renewal fees, here is the fee table: 

Date Fee Amount Total Levy/Fee(s) 
Sept. 1 – 31 $150 CCP Non-Compliance Levy $150 
Oct. 1 –  Nov. 30 $150 CCP Non-Compliance Levy 
$450 Renewal Fee 
After Dec. 1  $150 CCP non-compliance 
$450 Renewal Fee 
$150 Administration Fee 


The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) is a mandatory registration component outlined in the Health Professions Act and theCollege’s Standards of Practice. The CCP requires that college registrants complete a reflective practice review in each registration year.  

Non-compliance with the requirements of the CCP is considered unprofessional conduct and could place a registrant’s practice permit at risk. Continued non-compliance could lead to the suspension of a registrant’s practice permit.  

Notice: CCP Non-Compliance Levy effective Sept. 1, 2024 
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