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Participation in the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) is a mandatory part of registration outlined in the Health Professions Act and the College’s Standards of Practice.

The CCP requires that all registrants complete an annual reflective practice review, including:

  • (a) a personal assessment of the regulated member’s own practice
  • (b) the development and implementation of a learning plan that follows the regulated member’s personal assessment of the regulated member’s practice
  • (c) a written evaluation of the result of the learning pursuant to the learning plan on the regulated member’s practice.

Non-compliance with CCP requirements is considered unprofessional conduct and could place a registrant’s practice permit at risk. The Competence Committee will refer the matter to the Complaints Director.

The annual CCP cycle begins on September 1 and ends with the final submission deadline of August 31.

How to Complete Your CCP

Use the following resources to understand and complete your annual CCP.

Questions? Contact Linda O’Hara, Director, Education and Competence, at

Common Questions

What is the CCP cycle and submission deadline?
You must complete your CCP requirements within the annual CCP cycle. The CCP cycle begins annually on September 1, and all submissions must be completed by August 31.
How many annual CCP learning hours do I need?
The annual CCP cycle is from September 1 to August 31, and you must complete two (2) learning hours for every month you were registered during that period. See the Required CCP Hours table .

For a list of activities that can be used for learning hours, see Learning Resources.

I’m going on maternity leave (or resigning or retiring); do I still need to complete my CCP?
If you hold general registration (a practice permit), you are responsible for completing the CCP requirements.
If you are not working as an MRT or ENP, you may resign your registration and reapply before returning to work. You will not be required to complete any CCP hours while you are resigned; however, you will still be responsible for completing your CCP for any months you hold general registration. Please contact the College to confirm your requirements, as your leave may overlap CCP cycles.
I’m completing a previous year’s CCP cycle. What do I need to know?
In My CCP, make sure you select the correct CCP cycle. For example, if you were on leave and need to complete your 2021-2022 CCP cycle, select that period.

I don’t have enough learning hours. What do I do?
There are many options for completing your learning hours. See Learning Resources.
What happens if I don’t comply with the CCP?
CCP compliance is a mandatory registration requirement with the College.
If you are found to be non-compliant during Annual Renewal or the CCP Audit, the College can assist you in becoming compliant so that you may retain your registration.
If you refuse to comply with the CCP, this would be considered unprofessional conduct, and the Competence Committee will refer the matter to the Complaints Director.

About the My CCP Platform

Registrants must access and complete their CCP activities on the My CCP platform.

Through this site, registrants may:

  • Access information and documents related to the CCP.
  • Record their annual CCP activities such as the self-assessment, personal learning plan and records of CCP learning activities.
  • Access the Regulation Education Module, which registrants may use for up to four CCP hours per cycle.

On your first login, please ensure you change your password so that your CCP remains confidential. For help, contact the College during business hours at 780.487.6130.

The College has no access to the details of CCP records kept on this site. The College can only see login data and whether a member has entered content into the three CCP components (Self-Assessment, Learning Plan and Learning Activities).

For more about the next steps, see the CCP Audit.

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