Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists

Social Media Guidelines

Social media plays an important role in modern culture, but engaging with these platforms comes with certain risks. As regulated health professionals, MRTs and ENPs are expected to uphold the integrity of the profession by engaging in social media thoughtfully and responsibly. By being careful and mindful about concerns like professionalism and privacy when using social media, MRTs and ENPs can protect themselves while also protecting the public.

The College encourages regulated members to remember that even when they are using social media in a personal capacity, anything they do online has the potential to be visible publicly and may therefore reflect upon their profession. There is no foolproof way to ensure personal social media activities remain private, so regulated members should keep the College’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics in mind when using social media to protect the profession as well as their own interests.

To help guide regulated members in making informed decisions when using social media, the College has created a document that outlines social media best practices in relation to professionalism, boundaries and privacy and confidentiality. These guidelines are framed using the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics as well as legislation.

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