The online 2020 registration renewal system is now closed. Please contact the College if you have any questions related to registration renewal. The registration status of a member of the ACMDTT is available in the public register.

Members in the general register:

If you have not renewed your practice permit, it is suspended effective January 1, 2020. As of this date you are not authorized to practice as a medical radiation technologist or electroneurophysiology technologist in Alberta. Please note that practice involves the clinical and technical aspects of the profession, and also includes functions of education, management, research and administration.

Associate members:

If you have not completed renewal, your associate membership has now been cancelled. Medical radiation and electroneurophysiology technologists practicing in Alberta are governed by the Health Professions Act. As per this legislation, you are required to hold a valid practice permit issued by the Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists to practice the profession in Alberta.

For reinstatement into the College, you must complete an application for registration into the general register, and you must meet all registration requirements at the time of application.

For all registration inquiries, please contact the College by email at or call 780.487.6130 ext 523.