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A variety of learning activities may be used in order to support learning pursuant to the regulated member’s area of practice. Activities that may be considered for learning include but are not limited to reading journals, taking courses and website learning. The following link provides a listing of potential options for learning. It is important to note that the learning resources provided serve as suggestions and may not apply to each member’s practice. A personal learning record must be completed in order to support the learning that has taken place.

ACMDTT Courses:

These courses are available for free:

ACMDTT Regulation Education Module
A comprehensive look at the pillars of regulation that govern the practice of ACMDTT members. This may be accessed through the My CCP portal on the home page.

Heightening Professional Boundaries Click here
An introspective course that explores the obvious, and not-so-obvious, boundaries that exist in the Professional/Patient relationship

As the quiz and answers cannot be accessed as part of the automated tutorial, you may find them below.

Heightening Professional Boundaries Quiz
(for information, contact the College, info@acmdtt.com)

Occupational Health and Safety in the Health Care Environment Click here
Taking technologists beyond the technical to the general practices every technologist should know

CONNECT 2018 Recordings:

The CONNECT 2018 recordings have been published to the CAMRT CPD catalogue.

They can be found here, on the CAMRT website.

2017 ACMDTT Conference Presentations:

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