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Last updated November 16, 2020

The recently upgraded member portal features a renewal process that includes some significant changes from previous years, so we encourage all members to visit the Annual Renewal page for an overview before starting the renewal process and consult the Registration Renewal 2021 Information Guide as needed. If you have any questions about registration renewal, please feel welcome to contact us by email at or by phone at 780.487.6130 or 1.800.282.2165.

Renewal tip # 1: Choosing the correct pathway

One of the new features this year is the ability to renew in a different register online. If you will not be practicing the profession as of January 1, 2021, you can choose to renew as a non-practicing associate instead of as a general member. Both these options are available to every general member, so please read the descriptions in each box carefully to make sure you click “Renew” in the correct box for your situation. If you accidentally begin your renewal in the wrong register, simply click the “Withdraw” button at the bottom of the renewal form and start again. If you’ve already submitted your renewal in the wrong register, please contact to have your renewal withdrawn.

Please see the Registration Renewal 2021 Information Guide for important information about changing registers during renewal.

Renewal tip # 2: Applying for new additional and enhanced practice authorizations

Existing additional and enhanced practice authorizations can be easily renewed online during the renewal process, but if you need to apply for a new authorization, please apply for the new authorization and wait for it to be approved before beginning your renewal. If you begin your renewal before it’s approved or add a new authorization during the renewal process, your authorization won’t take effect until January 1, 2021.

Renewal tip # 3: Verifying your additional and enhanced practice authorizations

Once you have completed your renewal, you can verify that your authorizations were also renewed by downloading your 2021 practice permit. Please note that your additional and enhanced practice authorizations don’t appear in your profile. If you don’t see your authorizations on your permit, please contact

Renewal tip # 4: Changing your registration

If you retire, move out of the province or stop working as an MRT or ENP, you may choose to switch to the associate register or resign your registration. You only need to maintain your registration when you are actually practicing the profession in Alberta. Changing to the associate register is a cost-effective and convenient option to consider if you know you will return to practice in the future or aren’t yet sure of your future plans. If you would like to change your registration, please submit a completed Registration Change Application by email, fax or mail as soon as possible. Members who become associates before renewing will then be able to renew in that register, and members who resign on or before December 31, 2020, can disregard any further notices to renew they might receive.

Renewal tip # 5: Providing your PLI information

Regulated members must hold the required professional liability insurance (PLI) for 2021 before submitting their renewal. To demonstrate you meet the PLI requirements, you need to complete two actions: selecting your PLI provider and declaring that you hold the required PLI. Please note that you do not need to enter your policy number during this year’s renewal process.

You must indicate who your PLI provider is in one of two places (or in both) on the profile update step of the renewal process. If you hold personal PLI (e.g., CAMRT), select your provider from the dropdown menu in the personal PLI section. If you have PLI through your employer (e.g., AHS), enter that information in the employer PLI section by beginning to type your employer’s name (e.g., Tom Baker Cancer Centre) in the employer insurance field and selecting them from the list that pops up.

Renewal tip # 6: Updating your information

It is always important to verify your personal and employer information during the annual renewal process, and it is especially important this year because of the recent member portal upgrade. Most changes can be made during the renewal process; please see tips 7 and 8 for examples of information that require you to contact the College to update. Please note that when you update an existing employer by selecting “Yes” to “Do you want to make changes/corrections to the employment below?” the original information remains visible below the section where you make changes. Once your renewal has been approved, the old information will be removed from your profile.

Renewal tip # 7: Editing education records

Please carefully verify the information in the education section as some data was not able to be migrated from the old system to the new. If there are details missing from the education listed, please make note of the missing information and email it to us at after you have submitted your renewal. If you have completed education that is not listed at all, you can add it during the renewal process. Renewals with education added require review by the College before they can be processed.

Renewal tip # 8: Adding and removing employers

All employers for 2020 need to be listed in order for you to enter your practice hours, so please add any missing 2020 employment where you worked as an MRT or ENP. If you need to add your employer name manually (i.e., it doesn’t show up in the search results), your renewal will require review by the College before it can be processed. Existing employers cannot be removed by members, so please email to remove them entirely or simply add an end date to your employment to leave the historical record on your profile.

If you are renewing in the associate register, the system will prompt you to add an end date to your employment if you haven’t already added one. If you are still working for an employer but not as an MRT or ENP, please use the date you ceased practice as a technologist as your end date.

Renewal tip # 9: Paying your registration fees

The annual registration fee for general members is $450, while the fee for non-practicing associate membership is $100. If you want to request the COVID-19 fee deferral, you must submit your renewal by November 30 and the College will review it before notifying you that your first invoice is ready.

Your renewal is not complete until you have paid your fees. If your renewal is automatically approved (see the next tip for scenarios where that’s not the case), your invoice will be automatically generated and you can pay it online using Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit or Debit Mastercard.

If you submit your renewal and see that the invoice generated is for the incorrect amount, this means you completed your renewal in the wrong register — in this case, please do not pay the invoice and email to request that your renewal be withdrawn so you can begin it again in the correct register.

Renewal tip # 10: Waiting for approval

If you see the screen that says “Payment cannot be accepted for your renewal at this time” after submitting your renewal, please don’t be concerned that you did something wrong or that your renewal will be rejected. There are many reasons your renewal might not be able to be processed automatically, and the College runs reports every day to see which renewals were not processed and reviews and approves them as quickly as possible. A list of these reasons is available on the Annual Renewals page of the College website.

The most common reason a renewal is not processed automatically is that it includes an additional or enhanced practice authorization. These authorizations first need to be confirmed by your supervisor, then the College reviews and approves your renewal. If you have authorizations, we recommend submitting your renewal at least a week before the deadline in case your supervisor isn’t available right away. If you need to have a different supervisor confirm your authorization, please email

Renewal tip # 11: Selecting your employer PLI provider

If you hold professional liability insurance (PLI) through your employment, enter the specific name of your employer in the “Employer insurer” field. For example, many of our members hold PLI through employment with Alberta Health Services (AHS), but AHS is not the specific employer name; instead, you would enter the name of the facility where you are employed (e.g., Tom Baker Cancer Centre). The name in this field should match the employer name listed in your profile, and when you begin to type it in a list will pop up that allows you to select the correct one.

Registration renewal tips
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